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Oromo students graduate in style

(A4O, 16 December 2017) the annual Oromo graduation held to commemorate and celebrate the year six, twelve and university graduates on their completion of their respective schooling levels and courses.

The Australian Oromo Community Association in Victoria (AOCAV) organised a graduation ceremony at Flemington Community centre on 16 December 2017 for Oromo students graduating from colleges and universities across Victoria.

Many of the members of Oromo community in Victoria were the volunteer organisers contributing to the success of the Oromo graduation ceremony.

The Oromo community members who attended the ceremony in sheer numbers to pay recognition and celebrate the achievements of
Oromo students indicates that Oromo people young and old, seem to have understood that education is the key to success.

The benefits of organising graduation ceremonies is being realised as it creates an atmosphere for appreciating achievements. Such
recognition has a potential for inspiring our young students to achieve excellence in their education.

Jitu Wakjira who graduates her year twelve completion found the program very useful. “Personally, I found it to be a great source of motivation and encouragement especially taking into account that the ATAR score had come out a day before the graduation.”

Above all, graduation ceremony brings people together and creates a joyous moment for all.

Many hope the strongest bonds that have been created over the years among Oromo graduates will continue to be stronger and more

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