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The first Oromo Interfaith Forum Held in Melbourne

(A4O, 2 June 2019) The half day Oromo Interfaith Forum held yesterday, June 1, 2019 here in Noble Park Aquatic Centre.
On this forum three Oromo religious leaders: Christian, Muslim and Waaqeffannaa delivered speeches about the importance of having a respectful relationship between wife and husband.
The forum aimed to promote family safety and cohesiveness in their life.
This event would help to raise awareness and understanding about respectful relationship and to challenge gender stereotypes and roles.
This faith-based activity was designed to explore the ways in which Oromo faiths leaders currently respond to family violence.
Victoria police and Wayss provided useful innervation information about family violence.
Oromo community in Melbourne and Advocacy for Oromia organised this forum unique to provide timely preventive information and orientation about family violence and family violence prevention strategies.
Message from the Advocacy for Oromia
– The prevention of family violence can be achieved by promoting respectful relationships, love and harmony that lead to gender equality: finding meaning in life and fostering a sense of belonging.
– (key words: equality, respect, relationships, love, meaning in life, sense of belonging)
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