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By  Teshale Aberra

I came across something in a book I grabbed this morning called “POLITICS BY OTHER MEANS: Law in the struggle against apartheid. 1980-1994.”

Somewhere in this book, it says the following about apartheid South Africa ‘s Courts:

“[They] occasionally invalidated racist actions by the executive or legislator, such as segregation of public accommodation or disenfranchisement of Cape Coloured voters.”

Apartheid South Africa courts were not the ideal types of courts. No sane person is meant to praise that era’s judicial system, as there is nothing praise worthy about them.

And yet, there were instances where they were used by the oppressed majority black people to defend some of their rights. They were used as a channel through which oppression was aired, dramatized, exposed and challenged.

In short, even apartheid South Africa Courts were used to challenge the force of apartheid.

My question is, can Ethiopia’s courts, both Federal or States level draw some lesson from apartheid South Africa’s Courts?

To be honest, I have always thought that way and puzzled by this comparison.

I say so, because, leave alone judges who are paid by the government and frequently removed from office, allegedly, for lack of loyalty to the ruling party, even private attorneys (lawyers) are not free to take up cases which they think could call the attention of the ruling party. Fear of reprisal is real.

We witnessed time and again while lawyers decline cases for fear of reprisal. I am sure the South African lawyers were not totally free to represent the victims of the system of apartheid.

But they tried their best and some judges did what they had to. They are, as judges and their decision as the work of courts is remembered for the good work done.

I think Ethiopia’s courts may try to follow their suit.

Just imagine what could happen if lawyers brought a legal case at Ethiopia’s courts to challenge ‘the recent government measure of deployment of the deffense force, which put a large part of the country under miltary administration, suspending civil and political rights of people in those areas and caused huge loss of life and property, all in clear violation of the constitution!

Perhaps the lawyers who contributed to this kind of effort and the judges who could have made a decision to stop this kind of madness would have been remembered for generations. Above all they could have contributed something towards the continuity of Ethiopia as a state/nation.

More importantly they could’ve contributed in efforts of or wishes to establish a somehow independent judiciary.

Rather than participating in the melodrama and orchestration of breaking the constitution, as we saw on TV yesterday, judges, legal scholars and lawyers better spend their time on devising strategies on how to pull the entire judiciary out of the deep crisis it puts itself in, or the crisis forced on it by the system.


FINNA KAN GAMA : The very small dot on Borana and Ethiopian Empire from Haile Sillase I to Abiy Ahmed

By: Jatani Bonaya.

July 29,2018 and April 10, 2020 @S.E

– Every men are fighting for their right! It is natural law, no doubt!
– The marginalized people my people fight for their right and defend their land of our ancestors for many centuries and also todays.
– Ethiopian government from the very beginning marginalized Borana people, bc the Ethiopian govt know that they are naturally brilliant and kind people. So bc of their malignant, purposely they wear the hot political blanket to this destitute people.
– During the King Hailey Sillassea I , they ask the children required to join modern school in the name of ” Ijoollee bulguu Kennan” ; which is the witness for what am talking means marginalization of Borana by Ethiopian Empire. But, by hearing this name who sent their children to school? No one! So at the first and second round no one of Borana sent their children to school.
– At the 3rd round they ask the children sending to modern school as the taxes; then those whom have a cattle, by giving 2-5 bulls to taxes collector’s and find loophole to stay their children @home. And then, unfortunately those whom have no such opportunity sent their children to school. …that’s how 1939 and 1944 the fifty four (54) of Borana Ethiopia (Liban and Dirre Province) children got the chance to join modern school. Even though they became the figa of Finna kan Gama later.
During the Durgue regime Borana was the top in the some high sectors of the regime as those members of 54 students play the great role in the position they got. Eg Shalaqaa Jatani Ali Tandhu, Godana Tune, Jarso Sora (the Abebe Biqila trainer), Sara Jarso, Leut.kol Salesaa Jalo,..and others .
– After the fall of Durge, later so called ” the day hyena by PP” Woyane come to the Empire. As they conquered the Ethiopian Empire, as soon as they defeated the Durgue regime, the grounded plan was to destruct and destroy this Nobel people “Borana/Oromo”. Bc they know that’s they never succeeded over the Oromia until they consume utterly the Borana people.
– After going far in the people, TPLF become lucky to cut the sociocultural unit net of Borana. Then they killed 1st&most patriotic Borana leader Major Jatani Ali Tandhu, they killed Aba Gadaa Boru Guyo @the first and asserted to use Aba Gada Boru Madha to conquer Borana , then they killed him too after they got unbelievable Gutu Aba Liban confidential way of life. (NB: they sent soundless bullet to Abbaa Gadaa Boru Madha, that’s no one never thought and no idea even today), purposely they are using that bullet still now, specially @the rural area. Totally, the assassination of Aba Gad Boru Guyo and Major Jatani Ali dumbed Borana.

Recently, in 2017 and around beginning of 2018 there was the atrocious massacre at Moyale, Sodda, Dira Dima, Mata Wayama, etc and everywhere at Dheda Liban of Guji Zone. Eg. March 10,2017 above ten innocents were killed and many injured in Moyale at the mid day by EAF ruled by TPLF.

In other way, as the TPLF rooted as the leader of Ethiopian Empire; the Somali start again to grab Borana/Oromo land as they believe in their Lord Woyane. Then, the mass land of Oromo/Borana occupied. But, the Borana people never rest to defend. Even up to the moment Borana defending the enemy to save Oromo and Oromia. Borana people are the castle to Oromia. But, Neither FDRE nor Oromia Regional State have no mind about the Borana whom bleeding for Oromia and Ethiopia. I ve no idea why ORS never feel about the Oromia boarder along Eastern and southern part.

For example, the No-1 pic below show numbers of the Borana students those come to their home from different colleges and Universities during vacations. As they return to the home @Summer for vacation or after graduation, they have the duty to shift their fathers and brothers those whom were @guardian for ten months/ over the year. Similarly pic-2 shows the Borana students peacelful demonstration against land grabbing and border attack by EAF and LP of SRS.
Be Noted that; after the graduation other students in d/t part of the country’s may stay @city in order to search for the job opportunity. But, Borana students are not lucky for such chance as they are on field or battle to safe life of our community. …..etc. Always my people hopefully wait for to FINNA KAN GAMA, but unluckily, every Finna seems similar.
When OPDO take power over TPLF by Qeerroo-Qarree and wide Oromo nation struggle , the Borana people Slaphappy as much as all Oromo nation and celebrated hotly as they were hopefully waiting for to the ” Finna kan Gama (the administration after this/means after TPLF during that’s time)”. But, the result real inverse and they continue to hoping again Finna kan Gama! … that Finna nearer?
The new established Ethiopian government ” the first transition one” led by Oromo son called Abiy Ahmed Ali (PhD) failed to understand that’s our people Borana/Oromo waiting and hoping for Finna kan Gama. Even the PM failed to lead them as equal as any nations of the country. I think so that, the ruling part recently named PP forget their role as government on how to curb with insecurity issues if any, in some part of the country. They start to take again the ff measurement instead of enjoying “Finna Kana” peacefully .
*******1. PP bans the motorcycles and block internet – they said it was a very simple punishment. As mostly used vehicle ( Motorbikes ) in southern Oromia (Borana and Guji), it results economic decline as these vehicles were the income sources of the mass youths and core transport of the rural areas, these was the least impact .
******2. PP/ODP renewed the genocide act as of EPRDF. Again the bloodbath by E/Empire continued and Borana bleeding again by EAF.
Horrific bloodshed history repeats itself in Western and southern Oromia, by usual mass murder film on civilians by EAF continue playing Carnage Theater. Many live lose!
Eg. – @Miyo District Bride and groom were killed with bridal suit and others.
– @Moyale they finalized the pre-plan of TPLF and killed Borana Key elders
– @Duda Dawa of West Guji zone they did the same
– @Many PA ward the burned house were unccouted
– @Dheeda Liban again the did the same and still doing. …etc. Let U continued the rest and I took u to the present situation of COVID-19 pandemic prevention and testing center establishment.

As Borana/southern Oromia bordered with neighboring country, Borana people asked the government to establish the COVID-19 TESTING CENTER at the twin city of Moyale , Borana , Ethiopia. But, the gov’t too late to give the attention and again still I ve no idea abt the the response. People are screaming, But no ears to listened. I’m not more surprised of the Ethiopian Empire ruling party Biltiginna silence, bc it is not new for us. We Borana/Oromo experienced a lot whether E/E ve idea about our people. Therefore, again am hopeful pray the Almighty to save life of our people from this pandemic virus so called COVID-19 and jumping as to an other Finna kan Gama!
I hope that “Finna kan Gama” will be the Finna of Hope, Libration, Love, Joy and Prosperity.


Resolution: Conference of Oromo Civic, Professional and Faith-Based Organizations

(A4O, 28 March 2020) Whereas, the Oromo nation, Oromummaa and Oromia are being subjected to unprecedented repression by the Government of Ethiopia (GoE);
Whereas, the GoE engages in a deliberate destruction of Oromo nationalism, dismantling Oromia and reversing the victories our people achieved by heroic sacrifices of our sons and daughters;
Whereas, the GoE works in concert with neo-nafxayas who aspire to re impose their former oppressive and exploitative system;
Whereas, the GoE promotes division and conflict among the Oromo people along regional and religious lines as a strategy for its success;
Whereas, the GoE, having imposed illegal Command Posts on parts of Oromia, is subjecting the Oromo people to untold misery through military rule;
Whereas, the GoE has widened and deepened the killings, arbitrary arrests and beatings of the Oromo people;
Whereas, the GoE burns houses with families inside and granaries full of grain; and sets fire to farmlands and forests without concern for crops or wildlife;
Whereas, the GoE has deployed armed forces to continue hunting down and murder Oromo youth on a daily basis;
Whereas, the GoE continues to refuse to bring to justice those who committed ethnically motivated murders of Oromo students on the campuses of universities in the Amhara regional state,
Whereas, the GoE is not willing to provide any protection to those spared from the killings, but finds the flimsiest of excuses to suspend or dismiss Oromo students from universities;
Whereas, contrary to its promises a few months ago to widen the political space in the country, that the GoE has actually narrowed the space significantly by illegally arresting and/or causing disappearances of leaders and members of the opposition parties and by obstructing and hindering the contacts of opposition parties with their constituents;
Whereas, the GoE intimidates independent Oromo media outlets and imprisons their management and reporters for reporting the truth;
Whereas, the GoE is engaged in hunting down and arresting politically conscious Oromos for not supporting the ruling Prosperity Party of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed;
Whereas, the economic deprivation of Oromo people and robbery of the resources of Oromia by the GoE and its cronies have intensified;
Whereas, the GoE is leaving no stone unturned to demoralize and to force the Oromo nation to surrender and;

Deeply Concerned about the fate of the Oromo people and the survival of the Oromo as a nation and Oromia as land of the Oromo, if the current situation is allowed to persist;
Recognizing the need for the Oromo unity inside and outside the of country more than ever before in combating the ongoing difficult situation imposed upon our people;
We, Oromo Civic, Professional and Faith-Based Organizations, whose names are listed below and who share the aforementioned concerns about the situation of our people and our nation, having deliberated on wide-ranging issues pertaining to our people’s dire situation, and having successfully concluding our first conference from March 28-29, 2020;
We, hereby
1. Approve a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), and pledge to work together to achieve our shared vision of advocating for the voiceless victims of injustices in Oromia and beyond;
2. Authorize and direct the coordinating committee, and the three others operational committees to lead our Advocacy, Information collection and dissemination, and Resource mobilization and organization efforts, to execute the MoU;
3. Strongly condemn and demand an immediate stop to the ongoing killings, arbitrary arrests, rapes and beating against the Oromo people by Ethiopia armed forces;
4. Demand the immediate lifting of the illegal and undeclared command posts and military rule imposed on Western and Southern parts of Oromia;
5. Call up on the Oromo diaspora to join us in condemning and actively opposing the ongoing repression against our people;
6. Call up on Oromo civic organizations whose names are not listed below to join us so that we can together defend our people’s rights;
7. Call up on all Oromo political organizations operating in Oromia to put their differences aside and unite in condemning the repressive policies of the GoE and, coordinate our people’s resistance to end the killings and arbitrary arrests being committed against our people;
8. Call up on all Zones of Oromia to come to the aid of their compatriots in other zones to once and for all uproot the GoE’s repressive policies which are the root causes of the poverty and misery of our people for there is strength in numbers;
9. Call up on all nations and nationalities in Ethiopia to condemn and actively oppose the killings and arbitrary arrests that the GoE is perpetrating against the Oromo and other peoples as all conflicts in one region can easily spread to their regions;
10. Call up on all organizations advocating for respect of human rights to inform the international community the untold human rights violations the Oromo people are subjected to by the GoE;
11. Remind the international community of its moral obligation and responsibility to speak up against, and to work to prevent the population exodus that is sure to ensue from the continued hunting down and killings of Oromo youth and the resulting forced migration and refugee problems;

12. Urge the international community to bring pressure to bear on the GoE to immediately stop the war it has declared on the Oromo people before the situation escalates into massive displacement, famine, civil war and genocide.

United we Stand!!

Oromo Civic, Professional and Faith-Based Organizations

1. Advocacy4Oromia
2. Bilal Oromo Dawa Center
3. Canaan Oromo Evangelical Church
4. Charismatic International Fellowship Church
5. Global Gumii Oromia
6. Global Oromo Advocacy Group
7. Global Waaqeffannaa Council
8. Horn of Africa Genocide Watch
9. Human Rights League of the Horn of Africa
10. International Oromo Women’s Organization
11. International Qeerroo Support Group
12. Mana Kiristaanaa Fayyisaa Addunyaa
13. Oromo Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church
14. Oromo Communities’ Association of North America
15. Oromo Evangelical Lutheran Church of Washington DC Metropolitan Area
16. Oromo Evangelical Lutheran Mission Society
17. Oromo Human Rights and Relief Organization
18. Oromo Legacy, Leadership and Advocacy Association
19. Oromo Lutheran Church of Baltimore
20. Oromo Parliamentarians Council
21. Oromo Studies Association
22. Oromia Support Group
23. Tawfiq Islamic Center
24. Union of Oromo Communities in Canada
25. United Oromo Evangelical Church
26. Washington DC Metropolitan Oromo SDA Church
March 28, 2020

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