Beautiful Oromia Week

Keep Oromia Beautiful Week (KOBW) is held in the mid of September each year, to raise awareness about the simple things  we can all do in our daily lives to reduce our impact on the environment and encourage action.

Keep Oromia Beautiful focuses on community greening & beautification.

  • 2014 KOBW marks On Sunday 14th September.
  • The theme for 2014 is “Keep Oromia Beautiful”.
Oromia Landscape

Oromia Landscape

Rainbow in Oromia

Rainbow in Oromia


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  1. Taye kelbessa bekere

    My comment is I am business person and I invested around 100,000,000 birr on hotel and school in Oromia , but this time I have seen some problems.
    1- about land expansion, before I asked for a land of 10,000m2 for three star hote. Then the adama investment office provided me a 2500m2. When I asked them the reason, they told me that if you build on this, we will give you the remaining land. After I build the hotel on the land they have provided me, even if I asked them repeatedly, they didn’t keep their promise.
    2- I have seen that there are people who have special rights to geat more ands in Oromia and others are not born for that.I know the person who have large size of land but not even paying a lease of the amount I am paying now. Why? I think every one is equal,
    3- when we visited the investment office the service we are getting is very poor.

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