Depicting Oromia

Bale Mountains

The magnificent Bale Mountains dominate the South-east corner of Oromia. A high altitude Plateau broken by dramatic volcanic plugs and peaks, the Bale Mountains National park is 2400km2 of Rocky Mountains interspersed with cascading mountain streams, the spectacular Harena Escarpment, and grassy plains. The region is the home of the Oromo people, traditional herdsmen with distinctive mana or homesteads. The traditional gada or age group system of community government is still common.

In the west of this region the Rift Valley, with its lakes and national parks, makes a pleasant gateway to the mountains. The resorts of the Rift Valley, especially Sodere, have become very popular excursions from Finfinne. The main border post for Kenya is situated at Moyale, and while the road on the Kenyan side of the border is not as good as that in Ethiopia, this is a popular land crossing for trade and tourists.

The town of shek Hussein is one of the most important pilgrimage sites for Oromia’s Muslims, and has many fascinating mosques, shrines and tombs.

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Wenchi Crater

It is the crater of an extinct volcano at Wenchi in Oromia located about 160 km west of Finfinnee. The crater is home to around 4000 Oromo people. A jeep track washed and degraded by storms leads most of the way to the floor of the crater where there is a lake. On an island in the lake is the C16th Cherkos monastery.

Lake Wenhci is a crater lake situated at an altitude of 2,881 meters (9,453 feet) in Mirab (West) Shewa, about 130 kilometers (81 miles) southwest of Addis Ababa. It has the surface area of 4.7km² (1.8 mi²).  Tradiitional log dugout canoies can be seen on the lake. Filmed 6 May 2013.



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