Mental Health Education Program

Mental Health Education project is set up in response to the rising number of mental health issues in Oromo community in Victoria. According to 2016 census, 3,046 Oromo speakers in Australia where most of them experiencing difficulties in their refugee life.

Refugee background people are highly affected by mental health issues that arise from their experiences. To reduce this mental health issues, we believe that training, information session, forum and conversations for change are highly needed in our community. This project provides an opportunity for Oromo community to participate in activities designed to engage members of the community in conversations about mental health issues and its prevention.

The aim of the program is to improving the mental health and well-being of Oromo community in Victoria. It aims to assist those experiencing, mental ill-health, their families and carers of all ages within this community to address the social determinants of mental health for Oromo community. It helps:

  • Identify and build protective factors,
  • Reduce stigma and discrimination
  • Build capacity for self-determination
  • Better understand mental wellbeing, mental ill-health and the impacts of trauma

The goal of the project is to increase mental health literacy of Oromo community that aims:

  • To assist people with mental health issues
  • To increase the capacity of mental health worker
  • To better understand mental wellbeing
  • To provide mental health education and information
  • To address the social and cultural causes of mental health issues

Advocacy for Oromia will organise information session, women performance, radio programs,
culturally adopted conversations on Oromo Coffee Drinking ceremony, providing training for
mental health guides and forum and producing educational materials on the selected groups
and geographical area.

A4O Brochure 2017