Advocacy for Oromia would like to compile data of Oromo martyrs (#GrandOromiaRally and #OromoProtesters)  names, pictures, stories and full information of all the arrested, disappeared, injured, wounded and killed students/peoples, for accurate information and data uses for different references and uses. Hence, we hereby ask for your support.

The required information that we need includes: 

a. Full name 
b. Date & place of birth 
c. Date and place of incident (arrest, injury, wound, murder) 
d. Brief bio about the individual and incident
e. Picture/video of the individual and incident

Notice: We also kindly request  to have the whole information, at least name and place of birth before posting some ones picture and names to the public. Just send us full information to our email:
Please use the following form to summit the information

Remember photos are very important.
Thank you,
Advocacy for Oromia Team



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