Advocacy is simply pleading on someone else’s behalf.

An advocate is someone who pleads, stands for, speaks up for someone else.

Advocacy for Oromia is building a community of ADVOCATES who will be a voice for the voiceless. Men, women and children who are being repressed, marginalised, isolated and dominated are unseen, unheard, unknown. A4O is committed to reversing that so that they are SEEN, HEARD and KNOWN.

It could be said that EVERYTHING we do is advocacy – and that would be true. Presentations, seminars, conversations and lobbying are all acts of advocacy on different levels.

We need to SPEAK OUT against injustice.

We are also committed to influencing government policy and social structures that allow human rights abuses, land grabbing, marginalisation, political domination, economic exploitation, and cultural exploitation to keep thriving.  We will fight on a local, national and international level for tougher laws and stronger sentencing.

Become an everyday advocate TODAY.


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