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Oromia: Advocacy for Oromia requests urgent intervention to uphold the rights of Oromos in Oromia

(Advocacy for Oromia, 10 January 2019) Advocacy for Oromia, a non-profit advocacy organisation working to ensure that the Oromo people’s rights and wishes are respected, is highly concerned at the intimidation, the violence and the wave of arrests that have taken place during the week end in Oromia.

Advocacy for Oromia understands the security concerns of the regional and the Federal Government and the steps taken to protect the people who live in the country. The Ethiopian military established a buffer zone in Moyale town and deployed a large number of military forces in western Oromia. However, we have been informed that several innocents individuals are arrested and held at various camps and stations in a very harsh and poor condition.

The brave Chaltu Takele and other people have reportedly been detained in the town of Shambu, Oromia, on January 8, 2018. Chaltu was imprisoned by the TPLF regime multiple times, for several years over all, for having legitimately resisted the tyrannical rules of TPLF.

Furthermore, the door to door operation has involved breaking the houses of more than 500 Oromo women, elders and youth from Naqamte, Gimbi, Najjo, Dambi Dollo, Begi, and Mandi, beating them up cold-heartedly, and treating them in heartless manner and robbing their properties. However, none of the government bodies have initiated any inquiry into the matter which continues to violate human rights.

Advocacy for Oromia believes that such widespread human rights violations perpetuated against the people are one of the major contributing factors that have been destabilizing the peace of the region. Advocacy for Oromia, therefore, requests the urgent intervention to ensure that the law enforcement agencies and military forces to uphold the rights of all those arrested and to treat them in a humane and non-discriminatory manner.

Advocacy for Oromia also requests the Ethiopian government to immediately stop this recurring abuse of Oromos and release those detained, return their robbed properties and provide them the protection they deserve. The officers involved must also be subjected to internal investigations for the breach of national and international law and orders.

Advocacy for Oromia further requests the government to unconditional release and ensure that their cases proceed in a manner consistent with Ethiopia’s obligations under international law, in particular internationally recognized standards of due process, fair trial, and free expression; and to ensure their well-being while in custody, including access to legal counsel and family.

Advocacy for Oromia

For the PDF format: press letter


Advocacy for Oromian iyyannaa nagaa fi araara Oromiyaa dhiheesse

(A4O, 2 January 2019) Advocacy for Oromian mootummaan Itoophiyaa akka ABO waliin marii nagaa fi araaraa gaggeessu gaafate.

Jaarmichi ibsa har’a baaseen akka ibsetti, haalli amma Oromiyaa keessatti mul’atu abdii nagaa fi bilisummaa kan dukkaneessaa jiruu dha.

Rakkoo waldhabdee kana mariidhaan akka furamu kan gaafate Advocacy for Oromian, marii kana “qopheessuufi keessatti hirmaatee milkeessuuf yeroo kamiyyuu caalaa fedhii fi qophaa’ina guddaa qabna,”jedheera.

Itti dabaluunis, qabxiilee furmaataa kana maaliif akka akeekees hubachiiseera. “mariin nagaa fi araaraa kamiyyuu qaawwaalee jiran mara duuchee uummata Oromoofi Itoophiyaa hunda gara jaalalaa, tokkummaafi misoomaatti akka ceesisu amanna.

Guutummaan ibsa kanaas kunoo ti: Iyyannaa Nagaa fi Araara Oromiyaa

Oromia Police Arrest Gelan Town’s Mayor, Suspects of Corruption

(A4O, 26 Decemeber 2018) A sweeping corruption probe is taking place in Oromia Regional State where investigators have apprehended 77 suspects, including Bahiru Tekle, mayor of Gelan town.
The wave of arrests began a week ago and continued today. Most of the suspects have appeared before court; investigators from the Oromia Region’s Anti-Corruption Commission have received the right of custody, according to Abebe Kebede, the Commissioner.
The suspects are from the Oromia Credit & Saving Association, Oromia Procurement & Property Disposal Agency, the region’s roads authority, Gelan’s and Shashemene’s city administrations and Jimma zone. Along with Bahiru, Mengistu Regassa, head of Bole Lemi Industrial Park; Teshome Legesse, head of Oromia Credit & Saving Association; Feyisa Regassa, former mayor of Shashemene town; and Abdo Geleto, former head of the region’s roads authority, are among the detainees.
The region’s police force conducted the arrests following investigations that was undertaken by the Oromia Anti-Corruption Commission’s nine branches across the regional state over the past year, according to Abebe. The investigation was spread across 10 different files involving the procurement of 71 million Br in items, the Commissioner said.
“The arrests will continue based on the investigation we are undertaking,” Abebe told Fortune.