Become a member

Advocacy for Oromia is a membership based organization and membership is open to all Oromians, and friends of Oromia who supports the status of Advocacy for Oromia and is willing to participate in the implementation of its mission and goals.

Criteria to be a member

Interested person who is eighteen (18) years old or older who subscribes to Advocacy for Oromia’s purpose shall be eligible to be a member of Advocacy for Oromia, with all rights, privileges, and responsibilities thereof.

To be a member is as simple:

  1. Print or downloaded advocacy-for-oromia-membership-form. It is available in word format.
  2. Fill out with all the information and
  3. Mail it to  Advocacy for Oromia, P.O. Box 150, Noble Park, Vic 3174, Melbourne, Australia or scan or attach and send by email address

The main objective to be registered as a member will be to come together and know each other, and then discuss on the common causes to find solutions.

Remember supporting one person will bring solutions to others.

As a small not-for-profit organisation, therefore, the Advocacy for Oromia depends on the support of its members and donors to maintain its independent advocacy on issues and  research activities.

To become a member of AFO, download and fill in the relevant application form and send it along with payment to:

The individual application form can be downloaded advocacy-for-oromia-membership-form.

You can also apply for membership online.

Objectives of Advocacy for Oromia

  1. To promote advocacy at both personal and systemic levels, including participation in policy making and engaging in public education.
  2. To carry out research into issues affecting Oromo individuals and to co-operate with other recognised groups to achieve more effective solutions to these problems.
  3. To promote and support the education and training of advocates by and for Oromo individuals.
  4. To establish and expend funds both for the general conduct of the Association and to enable the Association to carry out its aims and objectives.
  5. To publish education materials which promote advocacy for Oromo and Oromia.
  6. The accepting of any gift for any one or more of the objects or purposes of the Association;
  7. The borrowing and raising of money in a manner deemed fit by the committee to further the purposes of the Association.
  8. The doing of any lawful thing incidental or conducive to the attainment of the basic objects of the Association or of any of the objects and purposes specified in this rule.

MEMBERSHIP Members will be persons who have agreed to accept the above objects and who are either Full Members or Associate Members

  1. A Full Member is a member whose application has been approved by the Board. Full Members will enjoy all benefits and the right to vote
  1. Associate members of the Association include—
    • any person who supports the objects of the Association with less than one year membership;
    •  any members under the age of 15 years; and
    •  any other category of member as determined by special resolution at a general meeting.
  1. An associate member must not vote but may have other rights as determined by the Committee or by resolution at a general meeting.
  2. Associate members may not be appointed to the chair position or may not vote at the AGM.

Your membership will be confirmed and a receipt mailed to you after the form and payment have been received.

Payment Method

As an individual member, you will be entitled to:

  • receive regular briefings and updates about evolving  issues, including monthly email bulletins and media releases;
  • vote in elections and for thematic resolutions;
  •  to nominate for Board membership and to propose AGM resolutions;
  • have access to hard copies of our reports and submissions, free of charge;
  • participate in any of AFO’s forums and  networks.
  • play an important role informing AFO about different relevant issues.


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