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#Advocacy4Oromia keeps Oromo community informed about COVID-19

Melbourne, Australia: Dabessa, who came to Australia from Ethiopia seeking refuge, at their home in Melbourne. Photo: Kim Landy/Oxfam Australia

Dabessa Gemelal is one of many refugees in Australia who have been working in their communities to tackle COVID-19.

Through community education and information program and other initiatives he has been providing valuable community education and information about COVID-19 in Oromo language to make sure people know about and understand government measures and support services.

Dabessa is director of Advocacy for Oromia, which started the community education and information program to share verified information with refugee communities, especially Oromo community, about the coronavirus.

Dabessa believes we will get through these times because we are working together.

“A4O community education and information program showcases the positive contribution of our community and how they have come together in this unprecedented time to help everyone,” he said.

In addition to the community education and information program Dabessa has been organising online conversations with various Oromo community organisations and members to give information in Oromo language.

 “I am working with the various Oromo Community associations, running online workshops to build the capacity of our people from refugee backgrounds in accessing timely and accurate information during COVID-19.”

Dabessa has experienced more in his life than most people can say from a lifetime of experiences. Dabessa fled Oromia in fear of political persecution.

He landed in Kenya as refugee, with no rights or access to work, education, health care or housing.

“I was always under threat of being arrested. I never felt safe in Kenya,” Dabessa said.

While Dabessa was in Nairobi, applying for refugee status, his worst fears were confirmed: “I got the news my wife was arrested.”

Just like her husband, Lelisse was falsely imprisoned for three years. In that time, Dabessa arranged for their children to be brought to Nairobi, and the family made their way to Australia — without Lelisse — as refugees.

After registering with the UNHCR and after three years, Dabessa’s family received a humanitarian visa for Australia and resettled in Adelaide in September 2009.

“I had mixed feelings the first few months after my arrival, however, I was very relieved that I was finally safe from harm and be an active citizen and get an education.”

Dabessa was thankful for the safety and freedom his new home afforded him. But his continued separation from Lelisse made it hard to settle in or get ahead.

“Until Lelisse arrived, I never think about a job because I’m caring [for the] children,” he explains. “I need to be home when the children come home. I’m going shopping, cooking, and making them to be stronger.”

Dabessa believes Australia has given him so many chances to succeed with challenges.

“The biggest success for me was that Australia gave me the opportunity to further my education. Within the 10 years, I hold Diploma of Community Services Work, Diploma of Case Management and recently hold a Bachelor of Social Work.”

Through his own personal experiences, Dabessa is determined to contribute in influencing change where people with lived experience are part of the decision-making process so that we better address the needs of refugees and people seeking asylum in Australia and around the world.

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Victorian Qoqqobbii Koronaa Jabeessite

Daniel Andrews speaks at a press conference.

(Oromedia, Victoria, 21 June 2020) Mootummaan Victoria babal’ina koronaa ittisuuf qoqqobbii fi to’annaa jabeessuu beeksise.

Mataan mootummaa Victoria, Daniel Andrews, miidiyaaf akka beeksisetti, sababa dhibeen koronaa namoota 25 haarawaa irratti argameef qoqqobbiin sochii hawaasaa daangessu akka jabaatu godhame.

Akka labsa qoqqobbii haarawaa kanatti Waxabajjii (June) 22 irraa eegalee haga Adoolessa 12tti mana tokko keessatti namoota shanii ol ta’anii argamuun hin danda’amu.

Alatti immoo namoota kudhan qofaatu, bakka tokkotti argamuu danda’a

Daniel Andrews akka jedhetti, yeroo kana keessatti nageenya hawaasaa eeguuf filannoon jiru qoqqobbii jabeessuu qofaa dha.

“Seera sochii hawaasaa daangessu kana baasuutti gammachuu hin qabu; nageenya hawaasa keenyaa eeguuf furmaanni jiru kanuma,” jedhan.

Hojii irra oolmaa qoqqobbii kanaa mirkaneessufis, qaamoliin seeraa sakatta’iinsa manaa-manatti godhamu raawwachuuf qophiitti jiru.

Kanuma waliin qoqqobbii duraan ture laaffisuuf karoorri bahee jirus, sababa qoqqobbii haarawaatiin akka turfamu godhameera.

Akka kanaan Waxabajjii (June) 21 irraa eegalee haga Adoolessa 12tti jiraattota mana keessaa waliin kanneen mana keessatti argamuu danda’an namoota shan qofaa dha.

Mana nyaataa keessatti namoota 20 ol ta’anii argamuun hin dnada’amu.
Daangaan Victorias haga Adoolessa 12tti cufamee kan turu ta’a.

Karoorri sadarkaa sadaffaa kan haga namoota shantamaa akka walitti dhufuu danda’an hayyamus torban sadiif akka hojii irra hin oolle taasifameera.

Qoqqobbiin haarawaa kun kan labsame sababa namooti 25 haarawaa irratti dhibeen koronaa argameef akka ta’e beekameera.

Dilbata, Waxabajjii (June) 21 bara 2020, sa’aa 11.59 halkan irraa eegalee qoqobbiin tokko tokko akka jijjiiramu ibsamee turuun kan yaadatamuu dha.
“Nageenya kee eeggachuu fi waan qajeeloo dalaguu yaadadhu. Yoo mana teessee dalaguu dandeetta tahe, mana taa’ii dalagi. Waa tokko godhchuun si irra hin jiru yoo tahe – hin godhini.”

የኦሮሞ ነፃነት ግንባር ለሲዳማ ህዝብ ታሪካዊ መልዕክት አስተላለፈ።

(ኦሮሚዲያ, 20 ሰኔ 2020) የኦሮሞ ነፃነት ግንባር(ኦነግ) ለመላው የሲዳማ ህዝብ የእንኳን ደስ ያላችሁ መልዕክት አስተላለፈ።

የኦሮሞ ነፃነት ግንባር (ኦነግ) የሲዳማ ብሔር የራስን ዕድል በራስ የመወሰን ጥያቄ በሰላማዊ ትክክለኛና ህጋዊ በሆነ መልኩ እልባት ማግኘቱን አስመልክቶ ባስተላለፈዉ መልዕክት ስኬቱ ከፍተኛ ጠቀሜታ እንዳለዉ አዉስቷል።

“ይህ ስኬት የራስንዕ ዕድል በራስ የመወሰን መብቱን ለማስከበር ለዘመናት መራራ ትግል ሲያካሄድ ለኖረው የሲዳማ ሕዝብ ታላቅና ታሪካዊ ድል ነው።”

ኦነግ በመልዕክቱ እንደገለፀዉ የሲዳማ ህዝብ የዘመናት ጥያቄ ሆኖ የቆየው ራሱን በራስ የማስተዳደር እና በክልል የመደራጀት ህገ፡መንግስታዊ ጥያቄ ከረጅም ጊዜ ትግልና መስዋትነት በኋላ የተገኘ በመሆኑ ምሳሌነቱም አስተማሪና አበረታችም ነው።

ኦነግ በመልዕክቱ እንደገለፀዉ የሲዳማ ብሔር በመሪር ትግሉ የተጎናፀፈው ይህ ድል ልክ እንደ ሲዳማ የራስን ዕድል በራስ የመወሰን መብታቸውን ለማስከበር በመታገል ላይ ለሚገኙ ሌሎች ሕዝቦችም መልካምና ተስፋ ሰጪ ዜናም ነው ።

የሲዳማ ህዝብ ታሪካዊ በክልል የመደራጀት ጥያቄው ዛሬ እውን ሆኖ በይፋ ወደ ተግባራዊ እንቅስቃሴ መምጣቱ ትልቅ ድል መሆኑን ያወሰዉ ኦነግ “ለሲዳማ ብሔር እንኳን የትግልህ የድል ፍሬ እና የታጋዮች ልጆች መስዋዕትነት ዉጤት የሆነውን ይህን ታሪካዊ ደስታ ለማጣጣም በቃህ” በማለት መጪዉ ጊዜ የዘመናት ጥማት የሆኑት ነፃነት ሰላምና ዴሞክራሲ (ፍትሃዊ አስተዳደር) የሚረጋገጡበት እንዲሆን መልካም ምኞቱን ገልጿል።

የሲዳማ ህዝብ ራስን በራስ የማስተዳደር ህገ፡መንግስታዊ ጥያቄው ምላሽ እንዲያገኝ ለረጅም ጊዜያት ያለመታከት ታግሏል።

የሰላም አምባሳደር የሆነው የኦሮሞ ህዝብ ከአጎራባች እና ሌሎች ኢትዮጵያዊያን ህዝቦች ጋር ያለው ኢኮኖሚያዊ ፣ማህበራዊ እና ፖለቲካዊ መስተጋብር እንዲጠናከር ከመቼውም ጊዜ በላይ በቁርጠኝነት እንደሚሰራ ኦነግ በዚሁ የእንኳን ደስ አላችሁ መልእክቱ ገልጿል።

የሲዳማ ብሔራዊ ክልላዊ መንግስት ሰኔ 11 2012 ዓ.ም. ከኢትዮጵያ ፌዴረሽን አባል መንግስታት አንዱና አሥረኛዉ (10ኛዉ) ሆኖ በመዋቀር በይፋ የክልላዊ መንግስት ሥልጣኑን በመረከብ በይፋ የክልል ምስረታ ስልጣን ርክብክብ አድርጏል፡፡

የሲዳማ ህዝብ ህገ፡መንግስቱ ያጎናፀፈውን መብት በመጠቀምም የኢትዮጵያ ብሔራዊ ምርጫ ቦርድ በአካሄደው ህዝበ ውሳኔ መነሻ ይፋ በሆነው የድምጽ ውጤት መሠረት የራሱን ክልል ለማደራጀት የሚያስችል ድምጽ ማግኘቱ የሚታወስ ነው።