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Oromia at Fed Square: bring Oromo people together

Oromia at Fed Square aims to bring Oromo people together, irrespective of age, gender and belief, to help promote self-empowerment and raise awareness in the wider community about the lifestyle, culture and ethics of members of the Australian Oromo community.

This year’s Oromo festival at Fed Square experiences Oromo culture through a huge program of music, arts and entertainment. Enjoy live music featuring local Oromo musicians and a variety of dance performances. Admire costumes in the colourful fashion show and see a traditional Oromo coffee ceremony.

Join us the celebrations with the Oromo community at our annual festival at Fed Square 2019.


Oromia Police Arrest Gelan Town’s Mayor, Suspects of Corruption

(A4O, 26 Decemeber 2018) A sweeping corruption probe is taking place in Oromia Regional State where investigators have apprehended 77 suspects, including Bahiru Tekle, mayor of Gelan town.
The wave of arrests began a week ago and continued today. Most of the suspects have appeared before court; investigators from the Oromia Region’s Anti-Corruption Commission have received the right of custody, according to Abebe Kebede, the Commissioner.
The suspects are from the Oromia Credit & Saving Association, Oromia Procurement & Property Disposal Agency, the region’s roads authority, Gelan’s and Shashemene’s city administrations and Jimma zone. Along with Bahiru, Mengistu Regassa, head of Bole Lemi Industrial Park; Teshome Legesse, head of Oromia Credit & Saving Association; Feyisa Regassa, former mayor of Shashemene town; and Abdo Geleto, former head of the region’s roads authority, are among the detainees.
The region’s police force conducted the arrests following investigations that was undertaken by the Oromia Anti-Corruption Commission’s nine branches across the regional state over the past year, according to Abebe. The investigation was spread across 10 different files involving the procurement of 71 million Br in items, the Commissioner said.
“The arrests will continue based on the investigation we are undertaking,” Abebe told Fortune.

Embassy slams ‘baseless’ claims of US role in Prime Minister Abiy’s selection processes

The U.S. Embassy in Addis Ababa on Tuesday rejected allegations by a founding member of the Tigrayan People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) that the United States was involved in the appointment of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed who took the helm of the ruling party on March 2018.

At a conference organized by Mekele University over the weekend, the retired Tigrayan official, Sebhat Nega said he had “no doubt” that the US government had played an active role in pushing the appointment of Abiy Ahmed. He offered no evidence to support the allegations.

The finger-pointing comes as many TPLF officials who felt side-lined escalate rhetorical attack against the chairman of the Ethiopian Peoples’ Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) and Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed.

U.S. Embassy spokesman in Addis Ababa, Nicholas Barnett said “I want to be perfectly clear that any claims of U.S. involvement in the selection process of the Prime Minister of Ethiopia are completely baseless,” speaking  to VOA Horn of Africa Service. He said the U.S believes both in theory and practice in respecting Ethiopia’s sovereignty and the right of individuals to vote for their own leaders. “We see Prime Minister Abiy’s election as chairman of EPRDF as reflection of people’s interest for reform, representative political system and participative democracy. We certainly support the Prime Minister’s reform agenda. But we had no role to play in his election,” he said.

Sebaht Nega was commenting to a presentation by Berekt Simoen, another retired figure of the EPRDF who claimed that one of the reasons for the escalating violence in the country is the increasing foreign intervention. Berekt named the Eritrean president Isaias Afewerki as an example whom he said was meddling in the country’s internal affairs, mentioning his “Game over for TPLF officials” remark.

In a reaction to Bereket, Sebhat Nega took the charge even further, implicating Donald Yamamoto, a senior African diplomat in the Trump administration and currently serving as U.S. ambassador to Somalia in directly involving in Abiy’s election as chairman of the ruling party on March 2018. “Many of us have opposed that intervention, saying the US would not choose a chairman for us, including you, Bereket,” he said. “Who was that American ambassador who has a Japanese face? He came in person and we knew that he was officially engaged in the election process,” Sebhat said.

Main Image: U.S. Ambassador to Ethiopia Michael Raynor. Courtesy of the US Embassy website

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