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The Morality of Leaking Exams

By Awol Kassim Allo


Forcing “a government of the 1%, for the 1% and by the 6%” into canceling a national exam is a heroic act of political dissent and probably the greatest political surprises of 2016.
There is absolutely no moral case against the leaks but to try and concoct one is to ridicule the sorrow and anguish of Oromo students and the sacred dead of the ‪#‎Oromoprotests‬. Those who are not visited by the loss and violence that rained down on Oromo students and their families have the moral obligation to stand with the Oromo students.
If our ‘shared humanity’ and the ‘ethical universalism’ that you often invoke to dismiss the politics of the particular is nowhere to inform this claim, at least there is something to be said about the bonds of solidarity. If you can’t take the longer view of history, at least this is not too much of an inconvenience to take for a fellow student.

Source: The Morality of Leaking Exams


On Using Ethiopia’s other ‘others’ to Silence the Oromo and to Degrade their Quest for Justice

Tsegaye Ararssa, (27 May at 17:10 )

For some people, the urge to trivialize the Oromo demand for justice makes them “liberation fighters” for the other “others” of Ethiopia. They recklessly mention names of people whose existence they never knew, at the sounds whose names they have endless laughter.

They mention people whose names are otherwise the stuff out of which Amharic comedies are made. They mention these names just so they can talk about them as victims of various Oromo groups.

They talk about the rights of the people they don’t even know in order to disavow responsibility for the injustice they perpetrate on the Oromo they know.

Source: On Using Ethiopia’s other ‘others’ to Silence the Oromo and to Degrade their Quest for Justice

‘Did Menelik II really say he is Caucasian?’: Fragments for the Little chaps, Lest you celebrate Prematurely

There is a renewed frenzy among social media activists in the Ethiopian right, who vow that Emperor Menelik II of Ethiopia never claimed to be a Caucasian. They dispute the accuracy of his statement in which he said “I am not a Negro at all; I am a Caucasian.”  In their most recent iteration, they claim that, among other things, the invocation of this statement is an attempt by “Some Oromo intellectuals” to trivialize the image of Menelik II and the famous battle of Adwa that supposedly he fought and won for the entire black race.[1] They also claim, wrongly, that these ‘Oromo nationalists’ are doing so motivated by an ideological commitment to vindicate the Oromo right to secession and destroy the Ethiopian state. They insist that there is a sinister motive behind this calculated move to trivialize Adwa because Adwa is not only the symbol of black independence but also the foundational moment of the unity of the Ethiopian people (people in the singular). By undermining the significance of Adwa, their rant goes, ‘some Oromo intellectuals’ in general, and especially I, in particular, seek to undermine the basis of Ethiopian unity. Nothing can be further from the truth.

Source: ‘Did Menelik II really say he is Caucasian?’: Fragments for the Little chaps, Lest you celebrate Prematurely

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