Diversity Principles

The diversity-views, beliefs, religion, language hopes and desires- of our community yields enormous social, cultural, economic and psychological benefits, and helps make our life an outward looking, dynamic and exciting country.

The rights, freedoms and benefits of living in in the community are balanced by responsibilities. All members of the community are responsible for respecting and protecting human rights and ensuring that our commitment to safe and better life.

Advocacy for Oromia is committed to working with community, other organisations and individuals to strengthen  a cohesive and inclusive community that:


  1. respects human rights, democracy and the rule of law

  2. recognises and respects difference

  3. provides opportunities for all

  4. celebrates and uses its diversity

  5. values and encourages the participation of all people in community life, and

  6. encourages all its members to belong and contribute to a shared future.


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