The Oromo Oral History Project

The Oromo Oral History Project (OOHP) aims to preserve the history and culture of the Oromian people. We record the life experiences of Oromian elders who were forced to flee their homeland following the Abyssinian invasion. We emphasized the urgency of conducting interviews of these elders before they pass away and their stories are lost forever. OOHP has plan to videotape the oral histories of 50 Oromian elders living in exile for the year 2015. This oral history collection will be invaluable for next generation in many aspects. It provides intimate portraits of the elders – the last generation to live in a free, unoccupied Oromo – and preserves for future generations the memories of their homeland.
The goal of the Oromo Oral History Project is to document the life stories of Oromian elders living in exile, and to disseminate that information through print, broadcast media and the Internet for the purposes of education and preservation of the culture and history of Oromo.


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