Dabessa: my Hero in Volunteering

Dabessa is an Oromo Australian man originally from Oromia, East Africa. He came here in 2009 and is an active and kind member of his community. He is an active member of the Oromo community in Melbourne Inc.

Dabessa has assisted many newly migrated Oromo families in Victoria, Australia in settling, including helping them find housing and employment, filling forms, helping in writing letters of support and being a character referee.
Currently, he is volunteering with the Advocacy for Oromia Association while studying his Bachelor of Social Work at Victoria University.

Dabessa is my hero because he is an upstanding member of our community that has been actively participating in community events especially in mentoring the youth group. He has been a role model to the youth and has been mentoring them and motivating them to achieve their best in school and life in general.

Dabessa is a valued and respected member of the community. He is passionate about social change for people seeking asylum and refugees and wants to be part of leading the change he wants to see.


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