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The culture: go forward with “Ilaa fi Ilaamee” (dialogue) for resolutions

Oromo, at home and abroad please get organized; let those claiming to have been organized also get stronger. For how long will you live grumbling or kneel and beg to be noticed? Get up on your knees, raise your head and assert your rights as you did four years ago. This time has been called transitional but where it transits it is not clear. All oppressors’ tricks seem to be exhausted but no one knows this time with what they might come out to save the empire? Heating up war of words is heard between Amaaraa and Tigree.

From speeches of leaders, it seems the empire’s administration is inclining towards Amaaraa. Because Oromo entered the palace power did not go for Oromiyaa but for Ethiopia. Persons who are in power in Ethiopia and Oromiyaa are members of EPRDF. For that reason, they are fanning Ethiopianism; that means Oromiyaa colonial status is still in their minds. When they say Ethiopia, Ethiopia it is as if they lost and found. Oromiyaa’s independence has been forgotten as dead. In order for past dangers not to occur again we have to remind about it to those who are wavering. And point out directions as to what to do next, for untimely and misplaced criticisms against each other or the enemy alone cannot be a solution. If whatever we say to each other or others has no concrete benefit why would we badmouth and humiliate ourselves? When a beast can no more devour after its strong canine teeth had fallen and strong new one comes and improves on its methods and gnaw not only the flesh but also the bones, what is their difference? If not, the size it chomps at, being eaten means being eaten? Unless we see similarities of what Habashaa of Ankobar and that of Adwa did to us, we could make a mistake of looking for a different panacea.

It is good to develop the stamina to say for all, “Stop your domination and plundering just now”. Tigree and Amaaraa had lived waging power struggle among themselves at least from the time they destroyed Aksum. Occupying us together reconciled them, for a part starting to lose us made them to quarrel. Of what concern is it for an Oromo person to interfere in their wars before he/she stands on own feet and build strong rear? How can one choose between masters when one can liberate oneself? Had our crooks not helped them in the past they could not have been able to devour us alone. Bragging by changes brought by Oromoo Qeerroo and Qeerrantii they still are warming up to destroy Tigree and reoccupy Oromiyaa with Oromo blood. Oromo is withdrawing after opening for them Minilik’s palace which the Tigree closed on them. Because they did that they were branded as “Zaranyaa” (racist?) What made them to be called Zaranyaa is their asserting that what is ours is ours and what is yours is yours, let us know that and respect for each other.

Oromo in their history had ever discriminated others for their blood line for they think as human beings. It is not only in today’s history that those they trusted turned their backs on Oromo. The gratitude for what Qeerroo /Qeerrantii contributed is denial of rescuing when they were slain in Cinaaksan, Mooyaalee, Areeroo, Wanbara, Goobba, Baatii etc.

Freedom cannot be achieved without organizing oneself. It was because you were not organized that Nafxanyaa remnants stomped on you at DC. You were not noticed though present. Minnesota made history because they were organized. Little Oromiyaa exposed what great Oromiyaa looks like. So far Oromo survived destruction by Ethiopian governments by their relentless struggle. There is no doubt in the minds of the revolutionary that they will again survive by their own efforts and regain their sovereign right. If possible, Oromo will go forward with “Ilaa fi Ilaamee” (dialogue) for resolutions; that is their culture. If that fails, to fend off the enemy with any means available is a birth right. Get organized; unless organized you will remain lamenting.

Oromiyaan haa jiraattu!

Ibsa Guutama


A pregnant woman was shot and killed in Dambi Dollo

(A4O, July 24, 2018) A pregnant woman was shot and killed by OPDO police forces in Dambi Dolo, south west Oromia.

According to sources, a pregnant mother, Birhane Mamo, who was heading to Dembi Dollo hospital for delivery was killed by armed policemen Yesterday.

Berhane Mamo was shot and killed by OPDO police forces in Dambi Dolo, south west Oromia.

A pregnant mother in labor and four members of her family including her husband were severely injured and hospitalized.

The pregnant mother was getting transported to hospital for delivery, bullets showered on her from Oromiya Special Force without any warning. She died on the scene. Three others in the car were seriously wounded.

The Oromia regional government hasn’t issued any official statement on this killing.

However, our sources indicated that three members of security forces who were on patrol during the killing of Berhane Mamo in Dembi Dollo, were arrested this afternoon: security forces from the #Oromia regional state, the Federal police &, the national defense force are paroling the area.

Dambi Dollo communication officer has also published the information it gathered from eye witnesses. Accordingly, the women was  killed by Oromia Special Force while getting transported to hospital for delivery.

Dembi Dollo is a capital city of Qellem Wollega Zone, mostly known for its gold and busy cash-crop business including coffee Arabica. It was relatively peaceful and calm before the government sent heavily armed soldiers and special police forces last month in a move to curb the recent progress of Oromo Liberation Army in the area.

Nevertheless, Oromo Liberation Front has recently announced that it has temporarily ceased fire in order to sit down for peace deal with the government. It is unclear why the government still wanted to settle armed soldiers in a populated civilians city.


Mataan keenya fayyaa ta’uun karaa hedduu gaarii dha. Yeroo hedduu garuu, dhimmi mataa yoo dagatamu mul’ata. Hawaasa keenya keessattis, dhimmi kun akka gaariitti hubatamaa hin jiru..

Haata’uutii, waa’een fayyaa mataa waa hundaaf murteessaa dha. Namni mataan isaa fayyaa hin qabne, fayyaa guutuu hin qabaatu. Mataan keenya waan hojjannu mara qajeelcha. Kana waan ta’eef, yoo yeroo kamiyyuu mataa keenyaaf xiyyeeffannoo kennuun barbaachisaa dha.

Ribuu Magariisa: Mallattoo Hubannoo Fayyaa Mataa ti.

Addunyaa irratti dhimmi Fayyaa Mataa akkaan hubannoo argachaa jira. Keessayyuu, dhimmi Dhibee Mataa waan hedduun waan walqabatuuf yeroon wal’aansa argachuun barbaachisaa dha. Kun bakka hedduutti himamaa fi beeksifamaa jira. Addunyaa irratti mallattoon hubannoo dhibee mataa ittiin dhaadgessan “Ribuu Magariisa”.

Ribuun Magariisaa Maal?

Ribuun Magariisaa dhimma fayyaa mataa hawaasa ittiin bariisuuf uumame. Bara durriitti mallattoon “Magariisaa” kun biyyoota garii keessatti akka mallattoo maraatummaatti fudhatama ture. Bara ammaa garuu mallattoon kun waa’ee fayyaa mataa ibsuuf oolaa jira. Mallattoon kunis bakka halletti kan ibsaa jiru, barbaachisummaa xiyyeeffannoo waa’ee fayyaa mataa ti. Kanuma waliin, namoota dhibee fayyaa mataa tajaajiluu fi ofitti qabuun akka barbaachisu barsiisa. Nama mataan dhukkubu, ofirraa fageessuun yookaan hawaasa keessaa baasuun dhibee san darna itti hammeessa. Gochaan akkasii immoo safuu namummaa miti.

Hawaasa akka Oromoo rakkoolee hedduu walxaxaa keessa jiraniif dhimmi Fayyaa Mataa kun immoo daran jabaa dha. Ummanni keenya rakkoo gabrummaa, waraana, hidhaa, shorokaa, hiyyummaa fi gadaddoo keessatti argama. Rakkooleen kunneen fayyaa waliigalaa irratti dhiibbaa guddaa qabaatu; mataan keenyas akak fayyaa hina rganne godhu. Kanaaf, dhimma Fayyaa Mataa irratti beekumsa, hubannoo fi muuxannoo jiru waliif qooduun hedduu barbaachisaa ta’a. Dhimmi Fayyaa Mataa kan callisamee bira darbamuu miti. Yeroo kamiyyuu kan iddoon gudda akennnamuufii qabuu dha.

Mataa keenay fayyaa gochuuf, hojiin nu eeggatu hedduu dha. Kan duraa garuu, mataan keenya akka wal’aansa barbaadu hubannoo qabaachuu dha. Yeroo kamiyyuu waanti wal’aansa hina rganne, dhibamaa adeema. Dhibeen gaafa hube immoo fayyisuun rakkisaa dha. Kanaaf, waa hunda dura, Mataa keenya wal’aanuu aadeffachuun barbaachisaa dha.

Wal’aansa Mataa

Dura akak beeknutti nama cabe yookaan miidhame qofaa wal’aanu. Garuu, kan hin cabnes, kan hin dhibamnes wal’aanuun, akka dhibeef hin saaxilamne godha.

Mataa keenyas akka addaddaatti wal’aanuu dandeenya. Inni duraa mataan keenya akka wal’aansa barbaadu hubachuu dha.Qabxiileena rmaan gadii kun mala ittiin mataa keenya wal’aanuu dandeenyuu dha.

  1. Hirriba gaarii argachuu
  2. Nyaata gaarii nyaachuu
  3. Sochii qaamaa gochuu
  4. Waan nu gammachiisu hojjachuu fi gochuu
  5. Namoota nagaa fi gaarumama nuuf kennan waliin hariiroo qabaachuu
  6. Ogeessa fayyaa keenya bira deemnee waa’ee fayyaa mataa keenyaa ilaalamuu
  7. Waan nu yaaddeessu nama nu gargagarutti dhihaannee waliin maryachuun hedduu nu gargaara.

Mataa keenya wal’aanuun wana guyyaa tokko jalqabamee dhiifamuu miti; yeroo mara aadeffatamuu qaba. Yeroo dhibamne qofaa wal’aansa fayyaa deemuu hin qabnu; yeroo fayyaa qabnus, mataa keenya kunuunsuuf dhibaahuu hin qabnu. Waa’ee fayyaa mataa irratti hubannoo qabnu guddifachuun barbaachisaa dha; akkuma jiruu fi jireenya keenya biroof tattaffannu fayyaa mataa keenyaafis xiyyeeffannoo kennuun barbaachisaa dha.

Fayyaan Mataa Murteessaa dha!!

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