Representation of Oromo Gadaa system’s Flag color

The Oromo Gadaa System has its own flag with its different colors. The colors are Black, Red and White. These all colors have their own representation in Oromo society.

Accordingly, the black color represents those yet enters very active life. In this age, the part of human life is considered as unknown (black). The red shows those who are very active life in different institutions. It is the age that used as a candle to light for the people.

Finally, the white represents those who have passed through active life in the society and illustrate of no more used as candle and sacrifice, and it is the age of retirement.

  1. mee ittuma nuuf jabaadhaa!

  2. that is what we need.

  3. why Gada system flag emblems of colors gave attention to living age cycle rather than for dignity and sovereignty of its people and their state?

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