Liban Waaqoo, Ethiopia and the London conference

Tufaa Bulbulaa

In ancient Greek geography the region south of the first Cataract, known as the Kingdom of Kush (Meroe) was called Aethiopia. The Greek historian, Herodotus (c.484-425 BC) is believed to have been the man who had coined the word against the skin colour of the people he saw for the first time. He called them “Aethiopia”, meaning people of dark or burned- face. This Greek word corresponds to the Latin “Negro”. From this point, the Habasha pejorative usage, Shanqillaa or Baryia is nothing other than being the Greek Aethiopia and the Latin Negro. After the Second World War, in particular, the Habasha (Abyssinian) elite classes started to peel off their original Arab Habash skin and began to wear the Greek Aethiopia skin. Wearing this Greek skin, they weaved an empire they call Ethiopia today. The Neftenyas, who coercively intimidated the Oromians and other colonised peoples in the empire, forced them to wear Ethiopia as a mourning gown; the gown they are still wearing by force.

Whether or not Ethiopia was written thirty times or hundred times in the Old Testament of the Hebrew Scripture for ‘good’, since the 19th century, the hijacked Ethiopia has become a loathsome Empire of Ethiopia. This is coincided with the evil deeds of Shewa Amhara Nugusoch, Rasoch, and Dejazmtchoch, Fitawurariwoch etc., who were notoriously known for their limb and breast amputation in Oromia. Today, anyone who argues, particularly being an Oromo, in defence or in favour of Minilk Ethiopia is synonymous to the one who enjoys murdering himself. He is the one who sold humanity for total cruelty. He is a sadist who feels happiness at the torture and agony of others and also at himself.

From October 22-23/2016 there was an Oromo conference organised by Oromo Lawyers Association. On this conference participants have presented their cumulative experiences, views, opinions, comments etc. pertinent to Oromo people’s agony in Ethiopia’s Ku Klux Klan Empire.  On this conference Liiban Waaqoo’s single phrase, “The dismantlement of Ethiopia’s oppressive empire–“, shocked and chiselled all Habasha media outlets and their Ku Klux Klan organisations. The ever oscillating Oromo-Ethiopianist’s camp has come under heavy trembling and crumbling scary.

There is an Oromo saying;”Sa’a ganni ajjeese bonni maqaa fuudha”, meaning, a cow the rainy-winter season had killed; the sonny-dry season is blamed for it.  Ethiopia has already been dismantled by the inventors of Ethiopia. The Tigre-Ethiopia regime, that replaced the Shewa-Ethiopia Amhara regime, has prepared a special coffin called, “Article 39” for the honour of her burial.  What Liiban Waaqoo said, “Let’s come and celebrate the funeral ceremony of Ethiopia in unison, if possible, using the already prepared coffin or preparing other suitable ones”. So, why those invaluable curse of wraths are poured on Liiban Waaqoo, when the inventors of the genocide Ethiopia and their aides (oscillators) are not vehemently cursed?

Some oscillatory people are saying Liiban’s speech is “undiplomatic”. The question is, does a slave need to use “diplomatic words” while dealing with his master?  Or doesn’t he?  Of course, if he wants to continue to live in the old system, he doesn’t need to search for words of diplomacy. He has to obey what his master tells him without asking any question. That means, he has to fulfil his orders accordingly and unquestionably. On the other side, if the slave wants to fight for his natural right, he has to give up old usages of slavery and need to focus on new liberations phrases against those previous usages he was accustomed to. Therefore, the choice depends on the slave himself; either to continue to live in the old way, or to be free from this excruciating system. If his choice is to be free, he has to be a serious defiant person against his master’s established-oppressive institutions loaded on him.

Liiban Waaqoo’s presentation was so pragmatic; rationally voiced colonised majority Oromos’ ultimate struggle to accomplish. If it hadn’t been the voice of truly colonised Oromo, why those so much cheers and applauses from the audience?  Surprisingly, more than Liiban Waqoo’s simple phrase, it was these cheers and applauses that pressed down to the bottom the panic button of the dying “vision Ethiopia”. Just to offer you a clue of information, one of the prominent leaders of the “Vision Ethiopia” is a son of Haile Selassie’s Minister of the Pen. He was known as Walde Giyorgis. As one European writer collected information from palace employees, this man was the most perverse, corrupt, and repulsive personality but ever to have been supported by the palace. Lastly, according to the information gathered by the writer, Walde Giyorgis betrayed his “Beloved Emperor” and took part in a meeting held by conspiratorial faction. When the news reached the ears of the “Benevolent Emperor”, he was demoted to the post of minor functionary in one of the remotest provinces in the south.  Now ODF leaders like Diima Nogo are sharing corruption and conspiracy with experts of “Vision conspirators” like the son of Walde Giyorgis. They are sitting together and telling us condemns Oromos like Liiban Waaqoo.

Before everything, for Ethiopia’s dismantlement or final death,  no one is to blame except leaders of “Vision Ethiopia “and their Ku Klux Klan Organisation operating in Oromia,  supported by the murderer Tigrian People’s Liberation Front(TPLF) regime. They must condemn themselves and their own corrupt, rapacious, and inhumane forefathers who nurtured them to work for addictive corruption, conspiracy, suspicion, domination, and execution of human beings. These are the ones who are intimidating us to embrace the coercive empire for the benefit of the killer Ethiopia’s Ku Klux Klan against our people’s struggle for survival.

As clear to all colonised and brutalised Oromos, the first Habasha Ku klux KLan was established by Nugus Minilik of Shewa in Oromia. Minilik, after he reduced the Oromo population to five million said, “Do not kill a man even if he is an Oromo (Galla)”. What does this entail? It entails that Habashas should refrain from killing their fellow semblances (Habasha) but they could enjoy hunting down the Oromos (Galla). After 130 years, to meet the rapacious needs of the new invaders, the indiscriminate killing of the Oromo people was reorganised by Meles Zenawi of Tigray under the name “Gallaa Geday Dirjjit” in 1991. The then prime Minister of TPLF regime, Tamirat Layneh, now under the protection of Pentecostal Chapels, was appointed from behind as supervisor and initiator of the Gayday Dirijit.

Now, the Tigray-led Ethiopian regime has established its own Ku Klux Klan organisation all over Oromia. They call it command post.  Haile Marian Desalegn, originally from ethnic Walayita, and by faith adherent of Pentecostal Chapel (Protestant), is the Marshal of the killing post. A certain Siraj Fergessa, Silte by origin and Muslim by religion, is appointed in charge of the application of the Nazi style of killings. Just similar to Hitler’s Nazi officials like Heinrich Himmler who was responsible for the overall execution of Jews, Romas, and individuals with disabilities, Siraj’s primary responsibility is the overall implementation of Tigray-Ethiopia’s genocidal campaign against the Oromos. Next to Haile Mariam Desalegn, Siraj is the second notorious man in leading the campaign.

Since the regime has classified the Oromo people as a threat to Habasha’s traditional communal exploitation and domination in the Shewa-Amhara concocted Empire of Ethiopia, the regime’s State of Emergency was officially declared on the Oromos on October 9, 2016. Each command post has been given autonomous right to kill, imprison, and torch any Oromo who exhibits Oromo values and listens to Oromo music.

The Habashas in general and Habasha-Ethiopians in Oromia in particular, are institutionally indoctrinated to be aggressive and untrustworthy towards the Oromos. All their actions have been subjected to subtle intrigues, expressing their desire to eliminate the Oromos and other peoples who have similar causes like the Oromos. When constant discussion is used, they are mentally not with you to resolve conflicts, or come to compromise on common problems to solve for common advantage. Using the good discussion as golden opportunity, they scrutinise your weakness and strength. If they found you being weak, they work on how to eliminate you for ever. If they found you being confident and strong man, they kneel down to your feet and are waiting for favourable time to finish you off. This is more deeply-seated in minority Tigray characters than in their cousins’ canning behaviour.

To sum up, the current Amhara people’s struggle in their natural homeland, Amhara Region could be complimentary to Oromo people’s struggle if they cautiously handle the tactics of their protest. Though there are some contradictory views in achieving the final strategy, these could be reconciled with the Oromos’ through time, either at the centre or at the periphery. But, the contradiction between Oromo people’s struggle and those of adherents of “Vision Ethiopia” (who are devoid of identity to claim) is fundamentally irreconcilable. Nothing makes them different from the TPLF regime, except the outdated tactical approaches they are using; as if they are new brand ones.

It is the regime’s State of Emergency that shall bring the demise of the wicked Empire, not necessarily that of Liiban Waaqoo’s phrase. Certainly, what Liiban said was time-oriented. It has shocked the sinned Ethiopia’s Ku Klux Klan’s camps in Diaspora, in Ethiopia and in Oromia.  It will continue to shock if the current momentum is maintained.

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