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The Attempted Coup D’état By Tripartite Renegades on Oromo’s National Icon, Obbo Dawud Ibssa Has Been Aborted.

July 26, 2020

The Ethiopia’s barbaric ruler PM, Colonel Abiy Ahmed, who is supported by the opportunistic Oromo and Amhara elite politicians has done all at his capacity to remove the Oromo’s lifelong freedom fighter (the current original OLF leader), Obbo Dawu Ibssa from his position to replace him with tripartite selected opportunistic OLF deserters.

The plot is believed to be masterminded by all those who wish to benefit from the subjugation of the Oromo nation that is already paying heavy prices and the entire subjugated nations and peoples of political south in Ethiopia in general.

The OLF’s chair, Obbo Dawud Ibsa and his OLF office’s 24/7 guards who work on three shifts were all removed since the afternoon of July 25, 2020 from his Finfinnee office.

The plan was similar with Colonel Abiy’s regime October 2019 failed attempts to assassinate Obbo Jawar Mohammed due to the bravery of his body guards who have refused to be removed in the middle of night. In the case of Obbo Dawud Ibssa, the culprits used different method by deploying the enemies within the OLF to claim that Obbo Dawud has been replaced by the OLF deserters to justify the transfer of power is a genuine party decision.

The plotters however failed to assert that, at this difficult time not only for the Oromo nation, but also for the entire country- as citizens are executed day and night, no Oromo imagines this will be plausible. Therefore, any sane person can assert the plot is the dirty work of the Oromo’s national enemies.

Therefore, it is imperative to rationalise that the plot of the tripartite quislings against the Oromo’s national interest came into effect in the midst of war waged on the nation by the unionist incumbent that is hell bent on dehumanising Oromo; after masterminding the assassination of the Oromo national icon, poetic singer, song writer and staunch Oromo’s human rights defender, Hacaaluu Hundessa on the 29th of June 2020.

It is also worth mentioning, following Hacaaluu’s PM and his unionist advisers masterminded assassination, numerous Oromo’s high profile politicians including Obbo Bekele Gerba, Obbo Jawar Mohammed, OLF leadership including Abdi Ragassa (for over 2 months), Michael Boran, Dr Shigut Geleta, Lemi Benya, Kenessa Ayana, and Colonel Gemechu Ayana following Hacaalu’s assassination. Moreover, over 15,000 Oromo civilians are unlawfully incarcerated and the entire Oromia is made a war zone.

The Oromo citizens are denied fundamental freedom to movement and existence in their own soil as state of emergency and concomitant state terrorism takes its toll.

As we speak, the Oromos are hunted like predators hunt on their pray; extremely barbaric action that all mankind should denounce and demand the Ethiopia’s PM who is acting like mad dog as he behaves like a psychopath to unconditionally stop!

As the Oromo people of all walks of life globally with like minded federalist groups is united to defend their national interests; its enemies within have inadvertently exposed themselves as they plot to derail the hope of the nation at this difficult time by planning to remove the Oromo’s lifelong freedom fighter from his leadership position.

Parts Of The Indicated Tripartite Plotters From OPP/PP Include;

1. PM colonel Abiy Ahmed, 2) Obbo Lema Megarssa, 3) Obbo Abadula Gamada (Minase) and numerous others.

Parts Of the Indicated Tripartite Plotters From Oromo Democratic Front (ODF):-1. Obbo Lenco Leta (embarrassing life ling opportunist who is also responsible for dismantling OLF’s army during 1992 transition by conspiring with the enemy) 2. Lenco Bati (who is also one of the OLF’s former leaders who has deserted the cause to join the very project that he has claimed was fighting against)3. Dr Beyan Assoba (who is also one of the OLF’s former leaders who has deserted the cause to join the very project that he has claimed was fighting against)

Parts of The Indicated Tripartite Plotters From OLF Include:-1). Ibsa Nagaw (group leader), 2) Tolera Adaba, 3) Atomsa Kumsa 4) Qajjeela (Kajela) Merdasa, 5) Ararsso Bikila, 6) Jawessa Gabissa, 7) Milikias Irko, 8)Waqo (Wako) Kune All three parties have betrayed the Oromo nation and its national cause.

While the Oromo nation and the supporters of the Oromo cause move hand in hand in rejecting state terrorism in Oromia by unanimously denouncing the ongoing executions of hundreds and incarcerations of the Oromo politicians; the surrender of the OLF’s leadership is double crime although no Oromo expected any good from group one and two.

The actions of the third group defy sane beliefs therefore beyond comprehension. The Oromo nation is on war and the nation and their closest allies such the Sidama and the rest are yet in the process of mourning the assassination of the Oromo iconic son, Hacaaluu. Additionally, the Oromo’s noble sons are unlawfully incarcerated and are taken to unknown places.

During such national upheaval for the Oromo nation, the actions of the third party are beyond belief. Paradoxically such coward and egoist actions of the OLF’s deserters are one of the top betrayals of the century in the struggle of the Oromo nation. The leader of the second group is known for his betrayal since 1992 and no one cares about thuggish actions. However, it is difficult to swallow the hardest truth when the comrades who have fought for decades for the same cause along with their comrades during both difficult and good times betray all together.

These groups have betrayed:-

1. The Oromo’s national cause

2. The OLF’s comrades as they remain unlawfully incarcerated – some of them taken to unknown locations

3. The OLF’s lifelong freedom fighter and their leader

4. The heroic and selfless sacrifices of the Oromo’s icon Hacaaluu Hunbdessa.

We denounce with all possible terms the selfish actions of the reckless plotters and demand the Ethiopia’s regime to unconditionally stop state terrorism in Oromia by freeing all Oromo’s political prisoners.

We demand the regime to unconditionally stop its plots to remove obbo Dawud Ibsa.

We denounce the actions of tripartite coalitions and advise them that their reckless actions only add to the ongoing volatility in Oromia and in the country with wider regional ramifications.

Finally, once again we, the Sdiama nation assure the Oromo that, we always stand by you – the Oromo nation, our closest brother and fight together for a common good to the last drop of our blood.

Justice For The Oromo Nation!

May Justice Prevail on Behalf of the Victims!

July 26, 2020


It is incumbent up on Oromos of all walks of life to protect & safeguard the Oromo People’s struggle and its vanguard organization, the OLF

A press release by members of the OLF leaders in the Diaspora

The current political turmoil and security crisis in Oromia as well as Ethiopia is worsening from time to time, severely straining the daily life of citizens. The current machinations to turn Oromia in to a war zone and the catastrophic consequences in terms of human and material destruction is becoming unbearable. In the aftermath of the assassination of our beloved artist Hacaaluu Hundessaa, members of Ethiopia’s armed forces deployed throughout Oromia are tasked with the duty of killing, maiming, imprisoning, and torturing the Oromo people for their alleged membership or support of the OLF.

The OLF had repeatedly issued press releases regarding the worsening situation in the country. Among the alarming signals regarding the immediate jeopardy that the OLF and OFC are about to face include;
1. The residence of Mr. Daawud Ibsa, Chairman of the OLF, is currently under siege by members of the Ethiopian security and armed forces. Mr. Ibsaa’s telephone line is completely disconnected at this time.
2. Government security vehicles are seen driving in and out of the compound of OLF headquarter in the Gullalle subdistrict of Addis Ababa. The surroundings of the OLF head quarter are also under strict surveillance.
3. Reliable sources are indicating that a number of government media outlets are directed to be at the OLF office in Gullallee on Sunday for the purpose of airing a would-be breaking news.
4. Members of the OLF are being deprived of freedom of movement and unable to perform their daily routines of duty.
5. Almost all OLF branch offices throughout Oromia have been destroyed & plundered while leaders and representatives of the organization are jailed.
6. All OLF offices in the suburbs of Finfinne are looted and ransacked.
7. OLF headquarter offices in Gullalle are being searched without any warrant and the imprisonment of members occupying these offices has continued unabated.
8. Ethiopia’s ruling party has embarked on luring some of the gullible and the vulnerable among OLF and OFC rank & file to some petty benefits as a mechanism to divide the integrity of the OLF with an ultimate goal of forcing the Oromo people’s quest for freedom to succumb to the aspirations of the Neo-Naftagna.
9. Oromo intellectuals and business owners are being imprisoned for their alleged support of the OLF.
10. Some members of the government’s police force and the army suspected of supporting or sympathizing with the OLF are being imprisoned while others are being fired from the government structure as employees.

In conclusion, the overall situation of the Oromo peoples’ struggle for freedom, the Oromo Liberation Front and the Oromo Federalist Congress is worrisome. Therefore, we call upon the Oromo people to be vigilant about the machinations of our enemies and to protect the national interest of Oromia, safeguard the integrity of its lead organizations, the OLF & OFC, and the unity of the leaders of our struggle for freedom.
The heroic deeds the Oromo people, both at home and abroad, had hitherto exhibited are very much appreciated and unparalleled by any account. We reiterate the imperative for the Oromo people to stay the course and remain the vanguard of the Oromo Peoples’ struggle for freedom in unison.

Victory to the Oromo People!

July 25, 2020

Institutionalizing the Oromo Movement

(A4O, 19 July 2020) Oromia Global Forum held its frist conference over webnar on 18 July 2020.

Many Oromo intellectuals presented thier valuable presentation on this unique conference.

Oromia Global Forum is a global alliance of Oromo Civic, Professional and Faith-Based Organizations and individual proponents of Human Rights, residing in North America, Europe, Australia, Asia and Africa.

Here below is Dr Asafa Jalata’s, The University of Tennessee at Knoxville, presentation on ‘Institutionalizing the Oromo Movement’: PREREQUISITES FOR BUILDING A DEMOCRATIC OROMIA STATE.

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