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Melbourne Oromo community celebrates Irreecha Arfaasaa

(Melbourne, 21 Maya 2023) Melbourne Oromo community celebrates Irreecha Arfaasaa Festival at Dandenong Hill today.

A few minutes of remembrance was held for the victims of the Irreecha Birraa festival in 2016.

On October, 2, 2016 the TPLF regime opened fire indiscriminately on crowds celebrating Irrecha and killing at least 700 people.

In particular, the late Haji Biiftuu Fayyisaa, who passed away yesterday, was also commemorated.

A memorial service was also held for the teachers of Madda Walaabu University who died in a car accident on May 20, 2023.

Oromo fathers, mothers, youths and children dressed in traditional Oromo clothes and holding wet grass also celebrated under a large tree on the hill.

Irreecha is a strong and rich Oromo cultural identity and Oromo wherever they are should strengthen this culture.

The festival started with the blessing of the elders.


Advocacy for Oromia calls on the PP government to release the unjustified arrests and torture of opposition leaders and supporters

(Melbourne, 6 may 2023) Advocacy for Oromia has expressed its wholehearted and positive support for the recent peace talks between the OLA and the Ethiopian government.

A4O added that it wholeheartedly supports the talks and outcomes to bring peace in Tigray.

A4O expressed its wholehearted support to those who contributed to the success of the peacekeeping operation.

A4O said in a statement today that it strongly supports the efforts being made to resolve the current crisis in Amhara region and other regions of Ethiopia through dialogue and stability.

A4O believes that forced factors will not have a convincing advantage. A4O firmly believes that any problem will have convincing benefits if it is resolved through dialogue and agreement.

A4O is willing and able to work and support in teaching and developing the strategies and knowledge, skills and abilities to resolve conflicts and problems peacefully and to work peacefully in all areas where there are security problems.

A4O confirmed that the PP-led government also has support for its efforts to protect national security and unity.

“The country believes that it grows through collective participation,” A4O said, adding that the government should work towards expanding this participation.

A4O called on the opposition to stand by the government by focusing on what they have in common, not what separates them from the government.

A4O calls on the PP government to release the unjustified arrests and torture of opposition leaders and supporters and make more efforts to expand and develop the political platform.

In particular, A4O called for the efforts to establish peace in the country to continue without interruption through peaceful dialogue.

“It is well known that a country without peace cannot develop in any way, and those who care about Ethiopia and care about the country’s development must be determined to work together,” A4O said.

In particular, A4O called for the unconditional release of political prisoners to participate in peacebuilding and development of the country and called for the ongoing reconciliation with the opposition parties to continue in purity.

A4O added that it can do capacity building where knowledge and skills are needed and has programs and arrangements to provide necessary training and education.

In particular, A4O has called on media practitioners to develop and use a media language that promotes social harmony, human dignity and ethnic harmony. A4O added that A4O has the capacity and capacity to contribute this support if needed.

The Oromo community in Victoria has been awarded Certificate.

(Melbourne, 6 May 2023) The Oromo community in Victoria, Australia has been awarded a certificate of appreciation for their contribution to spreading the message of peace around the world.

Members of the community were especially thanked for their participation in the Multicultural Peace Day organized by HWPL this year through the Oromo youth living in Melbourne.

On the Multicultural Peace Day celebration, the Oromo youth and the Oromo community were participated to promote the Oromo culture of peace, Oromo love and respect for human beings and the Oromo struggle to restore peace in Oromia.

Also, the Oromo mothers of Melbourne, Victoria were further appreciated for their support for the promotion of peace in the world by celebrating International Women’s Day this year.

The members of the Oromo community who participated in the peace education and completed the education will also expected to contribute to the development of a culture of peace in the existing social life.

Advocacy for Oromia was awarded certificates for its contribution to the organization of the Oromo community, Oromo mothers and Oromo youth in Victoria.

Advocacy for Oromia would like to thank all the members of the Oromo community for their contribution to the blessed and honorable work of promoting a culture of peace.

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