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Col Abiy Ahmed Preaching Water and Drinking Wine

(A4O, 31 July 2020) Col Abiy Ahmed staged a meeting with some junior opposition parties on 29 July 2020 in Finfinnee, Oromia.

Col Abiy Ahmed claimed that they have agreed to continue the discussion on various national issues in platforms that will bring political parties together, with an upcoming dialogue platform on ‘National Consensus.’

One wonder, dialogue with who? You can’t have a national dialogue while jailing critical stakeholders on the future of the nation.

All those politically jailed individuals are the critical heavyweight stakeholders.

The Prime Minister must understand that he does not have a democratic mandate to do a lot of things he is doing.

Transitioning the country needs an honest and authentic collaboration and discussions between relevant opposition parties and the current administration which its legitimacy will end this month of August.


Mr Dawud Ibsa Released From House Arrest

(A4O, 31 July 2020) OLF Chairman, Mr Dawud Ibsaa is back to his Office in Gullalle today.

OLF chairman, Dawud Ibsa, in OLF OLF headquarter, Finfinnee, Oromia

A4O confirms that the Oromo’s lifelong freedom fighter and the OLF chairman, Dawud Ibsa is back to his office today nearly after two weeks under siege at his residence.

Local sources have reported that Mr Ibsa’s property is also under siege by Ethiopian security forces, while his telephone line has been completely disconnected.

Moreover, government security vehicles have been seen driving in and out of the compound of OLF headquarter in the Gullalle sub district of Finfinnee for the last two weeks.

Members of Oromo community and human rights defendersin Oromia and in the Diaspora have strongly denounced the house arrest of the OLF’s Chairman, Mr Dawud Ibsa.

In the aftermath of the assassination of Oromo’s beloved artist Hacaaluu Hundessaa, members of Ethiopia’s armed forces deployed throughout Oromia have crackdown on anyone accused of being a member or supporter of the OLF.

Numerous Oromo’s high profile politicians including Obbo Bekele Gerba, Obbo Jawar Mohammed, OLF leadership including Abdi Ragassa (for over 2 months), Michael Boran, Dr Shigut Geleta, Lemi Benya, Kenessa Ayana, and Colonel Gemechu Ayana are detained without due process following Hacaalu’s assassination.

Currently, senior leaders of the organisation are detained without due process, including UNPO Presidency Member Dr Shigut Geleta.

Moreover, over 15,000 Oromo civilians are unlawfully incarcerated and the entire Oromia is made a war zone.

OLF chairman Dawud Ibsa was placed under house arrest on 25 July 2020.

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