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MP, Honorable Anthony Byrne speak about Oromo

(A4O, 19 June 2014) MP, Honorable Anthony Byrne speaks about the Integrated master plan (Addis Ababa MasterPlan.

According to Siinqe Aadaa facebook, it took them less than two hours to talk about the master plan and the consequences for the Oromo people.

“His willingness to take the issue to the parliament house and to assist the Oromo community in the future shows how a leader is a representative of its electorates,” says Siinqe Aadaa.

Siinqe  appreciates MP, Honorable Anthony Byrne,  for his contributions and added, “this is just the beginning for our communities.”

Many also would like to thanks our volunteers  for bringing it to the attention of thier Parliamentarian, and the Honorable Mr Anthony Byrne for bringing it to the attention of the Australian Parliament.

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