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Hacaaluu Hundeessaa: Maalan Jiraa?

” The singer-poet that tells a story, the story of our times. A true voice of suffering in the now and here (and in the then and there). A genuine voice of hope … I love his mixture of lamentations and regret (of the injustice, of the past) on the one hand and enchantment towards hope (of an inevitable triumph, of the future) on the other. …
Haacaaluu is back to keep enchanting the generation to a better future…
Ganna kana waan ittin keessa baanu argannee, dhiiroo–ganna biyyaa, ganna seena Oromoo…
If you are like me, you will listen to it carefully, attentively, slowly, and repeatedly in order to work your way through his words of lamentation and hope… to grasp the message of this heavily textured/layered piece..”comment from
Tsegaye R Ararssa Facebook.


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