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OSG in collaboration with other Oromo organisations is holding a two-day conference in London


Oromia Support Group

Oromia Support Group (OSG) in collaboration with other Oromo organisations is holding a two-day conference on the burning issue of the state of human rights and on strategies for advocacy and campaigning for the rights of the millions of people held as victims. In spite of the creation of the state of Oromia in 1991, under a false pretext of new political arrangement, the Oromo people are subjected to unprecedented socio-cultural, economic and political repression.

Constitutional guarantees that were declared to ensure the respect of people’s rights were silenced and very often conversely used and mobilised to justify repression. Over years thousands have been killed in their purist of seeking justice, such killing continues and happens everyday in broad daylight.  There is no sign of improvement of the state of human rights in Ethiopia.

The Oromia Support Group (OSG) has documented gross human rights violations for more than 20 years. The world seems to have noticed the stark reality during the recent Oromo protests. The memory of the world is short. It can’t remain focused on this single issue. This is primarily an Oromo concern, that has to be dealt with by Oromo people.

OSG believes, now is the time to devise a more robust and effective method of dealing with such endless tragedy, a human rights calamity. Actions include but not limited to advocacy and campaigning for respect for the rights of Oromo people and their neighbours.

This conference offers a platform for discussion on how to make this possible. Researchers and experts from human rights organisations, Oromo intellectuals and activists are among those invited to provide some perspectives on the current state of affairs and on the way forward. Particular focus will be given to:

  1. Sustainable/strategic campaigning and advocacy on human rights by the diaspora community and beyond.
  2. The role of civic society organisations and the media in advancing human rights norms and values and reporting incidences of violations of human rights.
  3. Strategic litigation on human rights and the possibilities of legal action will be assessed.

Individuals who want to present papers or speak on the above topic are most welcome. Interested persons shall email a short biography of their background and abstract of their presentation to.  oromiasg@gmail.com 

When: 8-9 July 2017 (10 AM to 17PM)

Where: Resource for London

356 Holloway Road,
London, N7 6PA
Contact us:  oromiasg@gmail.com

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