Irreecha Celebrations to be Held in Finfinne, First in Over 150 Years

By Staff Reporter   

September 19, 2019 ( — The Oromia cultural and tourism bureau is preparing to celebrate Irrecha in Finfinne early next October.

Head of the bureau Girma Hailu said the exercise is to restart the Irrecha celebration in Finfinne currently known as Addis Ababa city after about 150 years.

Irreecha-CelebrationSome politicians, however, claim that the move has to do with pushing the claim by the Oromo Democratic Party (ODP) on the ownership of Addis Ababa city, which almost all other ethnic groups living in the city oppose.

Irreechaa is the annual Oromo people Thanksgiving Day that is celebrated every year in Birraa near the river bank or water and tree. Irreechaa is celebrated every year in September in Bishoftu Hora Harsadii and other Oromia major cities.

The place of the celebration has not yet been located but will take place either near one of the rivers in Addis Ababa or artificial pond. “The celebration will be held while cultural values of the Irrecha celebration are maintained, Girma said while briefing journalists on Wednesday.

Unlike in the past, the Irreecha would be celebrated by all ethnic groups in Addis Ababa regardless of difference in language, religion, culture and ethnic background, the bureau head said.

According to the Oromia Cultural and Tourism Bureau, about three million people from all corners of Addis Ababa and surrounding towns are expected to take part in the celebration.

“Irrecha celebration has to do with the identity of the Oromo people. The celebrations are unique in that the Finifine Hora celebration has come again and that contributes to tourism development in the country, Girma said

In the traditional religion of the Oromos, the spirit is the power through which Waaqaa (The Almighty God) governs all over the world. Thus, Oromos believe that every creation of Waaqaa has its own spirit.

The resumption of the celebration signifies that the people of Oromo and other ethnic groups have begun exercising their democratic rights and building trust among them and image of the country, the bureau head added.

Meanwhile, the Oromia Cultural and Tourism Bureau will hold what is called “Irrech Peace Run” in Addis Ababa ahead of the Irrecha celebration. About 50 thousand runners including famous athletes are expected to participate in the run.

“The run is to show Irrecha is the celebration of peace, unity and cooperation and to add color to forthcoming celebration in Addis Ababa,” Nega Tujuba, head of the Oromia Athletics Federation told Ezega News. Similar runs were staged in Adama city, the capital of Oromia regional state since 2016, but the federation wanted it moved to Addis Ababa to avoid security problems, he added.

The 10-kilometer road race will be held on Sunday, September 11, 2019, along the route of Ethiopian Great Run. The running route goes from Meskel Adebabay to Legehar to Mexico to Sarbet to Kera to Gotera, and then back to Meskel Square.

First winners from both sexes will be awarded each 50 thousand Ethiopian Birr and second and third winners will enjoy 30 and 20 thousand Ethiopian birr, respectively.


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