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Oromo Solidarity rally to be held in Melbourne

(A4O, 9 February 2020) The Australian Oromo Community is organizing a solidarity rally in Melbourne on Monday, 17th of February 2020.

According to the information received, the Oromo solidarity rally is organised to stand in solidarity with, and show support for, Oromos under a renewed attack and persecution in western and southern Oromia.

The organisers of the rally also aimed to appeal to the Government of Australia and the wider international community to put diplomatic, political, economic pressure on the Ethiopian regime that’s waging an undeclared war on Oromia.

“We’re not afraid to stand together, to be able to stand against violence and promote nonviolence,” said one of the members of Oromo community who planned to attend Monday’s rally.

The promotional flyer also indicate that the rally aimed to call for an urgent humanitarian support for the over five million displaced Oromos and the tens of thousands seeking refuge in the neighboring countries.

Similar solidarity rallies are underway in North America, and Europa to raise the awareness of the public about the atrocities, violent political repression, and massive violation of human rights in Oromia and the wider Ethiopia.

The Ethiopian regime are well known in massive violation of human rights in Oromia and the wider Ethiopia.

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