Dhaqqaboo Eebbaa, the Oldest Man, from Oromia attracts world media.

(A4O, 11 September 2013) A story of retired farmer in Dodola, Southeast Oromia, might be the oldest living man in the world at an estimated 160 years of attracts the world media .

The news appeared on Medical Daily, Atlanta Black Star, Voice of Russia, InSiberia News, Delfi, and Zing News. 

According to Oromia Tv reporter Obbo Dhaqqaboo Eebbaa  could break the current longevity record by half a century.

At an estimated 160 years of age, the community elder is significantly older than the current Guinness World Record-holder Jeanne Clament as well as the recent challenger Carmelo Flores.

While he cannot prove his age with a birth certificate, he claims to remember the transfer of power between all five Gadaa Oromo parties in four rotations – a process that dates back to the mid-19th century.

In a recent interview, the elder spoke with Oromia TV reporters about his fascinating century-and-a-half. He remembers a time when the Ethiopian empire still conquered Oromia; when Abyssinian conquerors invaded the Oromo land, Oromia; and when it took eight days on horseback to cover the 150 miles between his village and the capital city, Finfinnee .

“When Italy invaded Ethiopia, I had two wives and my son was old enough to herd cattle,” he said, referring to Italy’s 1895 invasion of his country. “Not even one of my peers is alive today.”

The average lifespan in Oromia is 60 years. If his story is true, Eebbaa would have reached that age during World War I.

It is possible to observe from the youtube provided by Oromia TV, Ob Eebbaa speaks with a firm, articulate voice while recounting his life story. He may no longer be able to see but his memories of historical facts seem sharp.

 The Oromians like many African cultures are an oral society, ‘each time an elder dies, a library is lost.’  Mr Eebbaa  can be one of such oral and traditional library  of Oromia from which much can still be preserved.


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