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Oromian Story

Oromian story is a web based story that presents the historical, cultural, and current issues of Oromian. Stories are mostly narrated by the subjects themselves. The story aims to present a varied and contrasting picture of contemporary Oromia and Oromians from many different perspectives and to contribute to the wider spectrum of coverage of issues and individuals.

The aim of the feature, and its success, will be measured by the degree to which it can expose an additional dimension to the famous lives through the prism of other mass media, and to which it can express the fullest meaning of being alive in Oromia through the elderly stories of our citizens.


About the Oromian Story

The Oromian elders’ voices is a dynamic part of Oromian culture and identity. Therefore, the Oromian story program presents the maintenance and continued development of Oromo culture at the community level. It also promotes activities that encourage culturally vibrant communities and contribute to the cultural wellbeing of Oromia.

The program supports activities that:

  •  maintain Oromo culture through community involvement;
  • support new forms of Oromo cultural expression;
  •   increase public awareness of Oromo culture, including through the presentation and exchange of culture; and
  •  support the sustainable development of community organisations involved in cultural activities.
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