About the Oromian Story

The Oromian elders’ voices is a dynamic part of Oromian culture and identity. Therefore, the Oromian story program presents the maintenance and continued development of Oromo culture at the community level. It also promotes activities that encourage culturally vibrant communities and contribute to the cultural wellbeing of Oromia.

The program supports activities that:

  •  maintain Oromo culture through community involvement;
  • support new forms of Oromo cultural expression;
  •   increase public awareness of Oromo culture, including through the presentation and exchange of culture; and
  •  support the sustainable development of community organisations involved in cultural activities.

About advocacy4oromia

The aim of Advocacy for Oromia-A4O is to advocate for the people’s causes to bring about beneficial outcomes in which the people able to resolve to their issues and concerns to control over their lives. Advocacy for Oromia may provide information and advice in order to assist people to take action to resolve their own concerns. It is engaged in promoting and advancing causes of disadvantaged people to ensure that their voice is heard and responded to. The organisation also committed to assist the integration of people with refugee background in the Australian society through the provision of culturally-sensitive services.

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