Irreecha Massacre Was Not a Stampede: Planned and Mechanized Massacre of Hundreds Oromo Civilians in Minutes

In a span of minutes, Ethiopia’s TPLF army and air force massacred more than 700unarmed Oromo civilians attending Irreecha cultural festival, the largest outdoor cultural event in Africa attended by millions of visitors from all over Oromia state every year.  Based on interviews with the Ethiopian regime’s propaganda minister Getachew Reda, Ethiopia-based Western journalists misrepresented and framed the intentional massacre of Oromo civilians as “stampede.”

It was not a stampede; it was a planned part of an ongoing genocide—why refuse to call it by its real name?  Reporters with close ties to the TPLF regime of Ethiopia, such as Bloomberg News’ William Davison and Reuters’ reporter and TPLF-sympathizer and undercover propagandist Aaron Maasho and others at BBC and CNN, ran with disturbing headlines that squarely mispresented the cause for the intentional massacre of  hundreds and injuries of thousands of Oromo as ‘stampede’.

Across international media outlets, reporters parroted stories with a fixed number of “50” deaths grossly under-reporting the numbers and absolving the regime of the genocide it committed based on pre-selected images, pictures and edited footages that hid most of the reality of the actual victims who were shot from helicopters, ground forces and machine-gun mounted Humvees, according to eyewitnesses, bloggers and social media activists.

Source: Irreecha Massacre Was Not a Stampede: Planned and Mechanized Massacre of Hundreds Oromo Civilians in Minutes


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