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Oromos, Nations and Nationalities Celebrate “Unique” Irrecha Festival

(ENA, Addis Ababa October  01/10/2018) The Irrecha festival, which was celebrated yesterday, is “unique among Oromos,” the celebrants said.

Benya Waqoya, who came all the way from East Wollega to attend Irrecha festival, said this was second time to celebrate the festival.

“The last time I attended the celebration in 2016, it was awful. People were killed in a stampede on the shores of Lake Hora Arsedi. Due to this, some of my friends did not come to attend this year’s festival.”

For Benya, Irrecha is unique and a special occasion for joy, peace, and harmony. So he came with few friends.

“This Irrecha as you can see is peaceful and orderly. We are celebrating the day with our brothers and sisters of other nations, nationalities and peoples in the country”, he stated.

The Sidama, Burji, Alaba and Gamo are among the nationalities that attended the celebration of Oromos this thanksgivings day.

Calqaba Gudeta on his part said “this Irrecha is very attractive and joyful. This Irrecha is not tense and people are not worried that a disaster may happen unlike the celebration of the last years.”

Celebrating the day with other nations and nationalities has pivotal role as it helps the people to know one another, he said, adding that Irrecha would thus open opportunity for all to enhance social relations and cultural exchange.

The other participant, Afework Malefasa said this year Oromos have celebrated the day not only with Oromos, but also persons from other nations and nationalities.

This is a showcase for other nations and nationalities how much Oromos are committed toward strengthening unity and solidarity by respecting their values, he noted.

Abdella Debisso from Shashemene, said this Irrecha is unique as it brought Oromos living abroad together so that they could participate in the festival, visit relatives and families.

Dessalegn Cinqiso from Sidama nation said I came here for the first time to attend the Irrecha festival.

“I have waited for a long time to attend this beautiful ritual. Today, I got the opportunity to celebrate this day with my Oromo brothers and sisters. I think it would good example for other nation and nationalities in creating unity.”

He thanked the Oromos for their warmly welcome and making the festival peaceful and colorful.

The other participant from Hawassa city, Amanuel Enderase said “I am very happy and delighted to attend this unique festival of the Oromos.”

Irrecha is a thanksgiving day to Waaqa (God) for ending the rainy season and ushering in the sunny days.


Irrecha Colorfully Celebrated

(Addis Ababa  September 30/2018) Irrecha festival has been  colorfully celebrated this morning on the shores of Lake Hora Arsedi at Bishoftu town.

Millions of Oromos from various zones of Oromia region, Ethiopian Diaspora Oromos converged over the lake to mark the thanksgiving day.

Prominent Aba Gedas, elders, religious fathers, qerroos (Oromo youth), invited guests were present on the occasion which was celebrated peacefully.

Irrecha is one of the indigenous ancient ceremonial events taking place twice in a year (in spring and autumn). The open door festival brings millions of Oromos from different walks of life to pray and express their gratefulness for their creator, Waaqa.

Oromos Residing in Australia Delighted in Celebrating Irrecha at Home

(Addis Ababa  October 01/10/2018) Oromo members of the diaspora community in Australia have expressed their delight in taking part at the Irreecha festival held yesterday after many years.

The diasporas, who have been living abroad from 10-25 years abroad, said it is a blessing to celebrate the festival with fellow countrymen.

Among them, Ejeta Uma said he has been living in Australia for 25 years and could not visit the country due to fear of political persecution by the government.

Following the recent call of Prime Minister Abiy and witnessing the progress in the political sphere, however, he came back to visit his homeland.

“I always wished to celebrate Irrecha. I had nostalgia for the traditional songs and the different cultural attire. Now, my dream is fulfilled and I am extremely happy”, Ejeta added.

According to him, the Oromo community living in Australia has come and celebrated the occasion in the presence of various ambassadors and government officials.

He noted that the community should protect their cultural festival and the government needs to expand and make the shores where Irrecha festival is celebrated safe and comfortable to the celebrants.

Gemechu Feyera is also from Australia but has been participating in the festival for 14 years.

He was fascinated by the discipline of the large gathering and the performance of the participants attending the celebration.

“Irreecha depicts our unity to the nations, nationalities and peoples of this country as well as the world”, he pointed out.

Gemechu said, “When we celebrate the occasion together, we share love and unity; and when we go outside of the country it is the only asset that we would share to others.”



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