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Irreecha Colorfully Celebrated in Melbourne

(Melbourne, 7 October 2018) Irreechaa festival colorfully celebrated yesterday at Wilson Botanical Park in Melbourne, Australia.
Members of Oromos community converged over the Park lo mark the thanksgiving day.
For the Oromo, Irrecha is a thanksgiving day to Waaqa (God) for ending the rainy season and ushering in the brighter and sunny days.
Community leaders, elders, religious fathers, Oromo youth, invited guests were present on the occasion which was celebrated peacefully.
When the rains go, the rivers subside and allow people to cross and meet one another. So they greet one another and express their joy and happiness, the professor elaborated.
Irreecha is one of the indigenous ancient ceremonial events taking place twice in a year (in spring and autumn).
Irreecha festival is where Oromos gather to sing, thank Waaqa (God) with no gender and age difference. Everybody has equal right and respect to enjoy the unity.
The open door festival brings Oromos from different walks of life to pray and express their gratefulness for their creator, Waaqa.
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