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The Oromo nationalists must stop dreaming!

“The Oromo nationalists must stop dreaming that Team Lemma who hijacked the Oromo protests and came to power could bring something fundamental in Oromo politics.

Team Lemma has now replaced with Team Abiy who on the very first day of his speech as a Prime Minister of Ethiopia reopened the wound of Oromo and added salt to it. Team Abiy composes of individuals who deny the crimes committed against Oromo at Anolle and turns deaf ear to the Oromo demands and even working to destroy achievements made so far including the continuation of Oromia as one state of the FDRE.

As an Italian political scientist Gaetano Mosca said, “If tolerance is taken to the point where it tolerates the destruction of those same principles that made tolerance possible in the first place, it becomes intolerable”.

Dr. Abiy’s Government project to take Ethiopia back to pre-1991, even to pre 1974, by undermining or changing the current constitution and the federal arrangement already reached intolerable stage in one year.”
Assefa Abebe Lemu
Director, Office of Acquisition & Assistance (OAA) The Role of Elites in Ethiopian Politics

Read the article from: https://advocacy4oromia.org/articles-2/the-role-of-elites-in-ethiopian-politics/

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