Oromo Martyrs Day: some ideas on how to commemorate and celebrate Oromo Martyrs Day

Oromo Martyrs Day originally established by Oromo Liberation Front in 1980. Every April 15, on Oromo Martyrs Day, the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) and the Oromo nation honour the bravery of those who sacrifice their lives in the line of duty, fighting for the freedom and liberation of Oromia.

It is held across the world each year in April, to commemorate our selfless and brave Oromos, constantly present themselves in harm’s way for the greatest cause of Oromo nation.

Here are some ideas on how to commemorate and celebrate Oromo Martyrs Day:

  • Display the Oromo Martyrs Day Poster or other Oromo posters around your areas.
  • Start your own hall of fame featuring Oromo role models.
  • Listen to Oromo freedom songs or watch a movie about Oromo freedom struggle history.
  • Make your own Oromo trivia quiz.
  • Study a famous Oromo history.
  • Research the Oromo resistance and freedom struggle of your area.
  • Study Oromo arts of resistance.
  • Work with an Oromo artist to produce an artwork representing the theme.
  • Run an art competition for your community.
  • Research Oromo history online or visit your library to find books about Oromo people.
  • Visit local Oromo sites of significance or interest.
  • Learn the meanings of local or national Oromo place names and words.
  • Invite local Oromo Elders to speak or give a blessing in Oromo context
  • Invite an Oromo freedom fighters to give speeches or testimonies on your event.
  • Invite Oromo dancers to perform.
  • Host an Oromo Coffee Ceremony.
  • Hold an Oromo flag raising ceremony.
  • Organise a candlelight ceremony.
  • Wear Oromo cultural dresses

Our martyrs lost their lives while dreaming and fighting for freedom, justice, democracy and development of their people and their country. They recognized that agitating, educating, organizing, and mobilizing a colonized and dehumanized nation for liberation requires courage, determination, bravery and self-sacrifice without fear of suffering and death in the hands of the
enemy and their collaborators.

For further knowledge read the article written by Dr Asafa Jalata: CELEBRATING OROMO HEROISM AND COMMEMORATING THE OROMO MARYTRS’ DAY


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The aim of Advocacy for Oromia-A4O is to advocate for the people’s causes to bring about beneficial outcomes in which the people able to resolve to their issues and concerns to control over their lives. Advocacy for Oromia may provide information and advice in order to assist people to take action to resolve their own concerns. It is engaged in promoting and advancing causes of disadvantaged people to ensure that their voice is heard and responded to. The organisation also committed to assist the integration of people with refugee background in the Australian society through the provision of culturally-sensitive services.

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