Calanqoo Massacre: symbol of determination for Freedom

The Calanqoo Massacre was perpetrated on the Oromo people and other neighboring peoples on January 6, 1887.

During this day-long atrocious killing of thousands of innocent Oromos and others, King Menelik of Abyssinia was himself presented as a leader of his Neftegna army.

It is an opportunity to honour and remember the holocaust victims and survivors and pay our respects to more than 30,00 Oromo people who were massacred on the battle fields. This month is significant as it marks the 135th years of the massacre.

We must memorialize the Calanqoo genocides.

We must ensure that the Calanqoo victims and lessons are never forgotten.

We must commemorate, each year, the thousands of innocent men, women and children massacred at the hands of the Abyssinians during the most heinous chapter in Oromo history – colonization.

We must pay tribute to the courage of the Oromo people in that time of gravest peril.

Oromia Shall Be Free!

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