Happy International Women’s Day!

Today, we are thinking about all the strong Oromo women that we know- those who support their families while they wait for safety, those who remain resilient in detention, those who participate in Oromo freedom struggle and the many Oromo women who never give up in their struggle for freedom, justice and equality.

  1. Mahbuba – An Oromo Slave who won the heart of a German Prince. She was exceptional beautiful girl. Her parents called her name “Bilillee” which literally means well shaped, pretty. She was born in Guma, current Eastern Oromiyaa, Ethiopia in 1820 G.C. Unfortunately when she was 15 age, the civil war out broke in that particular area in 1835/36. It was during that war period she lost her father and six brothers. She left only with her mom.

Mahbuba Oromo

2. Aster Ganno(c.1872–1964) was an Oromian Bible translator who worked with the better known Onesimos Nesib as a translator of the Oromo Bible, published in 1899. She was born free, but was later enslaved by the king of Limmu-Ennarea.In 1904, Aster, together with Onesimos and other Oromos, were able to move from Eritrea back to Wellega, where they established schools, Aster serving as a teacher at Nekemte.

Aster Ganno(c.1872–1964

3. Dr.Lookoo Duubaa, is Afaan Oromo speaking Japanese Professor. Dr. Lookoo Duuba adopted Oromo name, presented outstanding Research on the Gadaa System.

DR Lookoo Duubaa dubartii duudhaa seenaafi aadaa Oromootiin hawwatamtee Oromoomte.

4.  Aayyoo Guddattuu, dubartii suura isheen Oromoo beeksisaa jiraatte

To all of the warrior Oromo women who are advocating for freedom, justice and equality, we salute you.

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