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The proposal recommends the founding of a National Council of Oromia

(Advocacy4Oromia, 1 March 2016) The present proposal recommends the founding of a National Council of Oromia as a first step toward transforming the long protracted Oromo national (liberation) struggle from stagnation to a more dynamic, inclusive, and active political force.

This urgent need for an inclusive national dialogue among Oromo political organizations and the general public is compelling at least for two reasons: first, our struggle for democratic rights has been slowed down by the Ethiopian regime which seeks to assert and maintain its power indefinitely using lethal force; second, instead of cooperation and forming organizational alliance, Oromo political elites hindered the struggle and reduced it to clashes of interest over power, and consequently, the struggle suffered major setbacks such as the lack of ideological clarity and organizational discipline, i.e., transparency and dynamism, among others.

Hence, there are two main aims for the present project: first, it is believed to increase awareness within areas that are regarded as important to revitalize the Oromo national struggle for  democratic rights. Second, it is hoped to encourage collaboration in the Oromo general public, between individuals, and political organizations that have showed no need in the past to solve practical problems and accomplish tasks collaboratively. As the project will evolve into practice, it is expected that possibilities and hindrances will become more obvious, which necessitate careful handling of differences, issues, and attitudes with democratic principles.

For the purpose of this project it is essential to delineate in the future meanings of terms and concepts central to the project. These include, among others: people, nation, democracy, rights, self-determination, union accord, roadmap, national council, league, organization, front, party, protest, nonviolent revolution, emancipatory resistance, and grassroots.

Please check here the Proposal for FOUNDING A NATIONAL COUNCIL OF OROMIA and share it.
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Founding a National Council of Oromia (a Proposal, Feb 28, 2016)



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