Who are the terrorist?

By Djemaol H Mani*

Slogan (6)Those who shoot on the head an innocent people boldly
Or those who refusing to sell out one’s soul and demonstrate anger peacefully?
Tell me, who is the terrorist?
The one who turns people against each other
Or the one who hate injustice for better?
The one who murder people on a street
Or the one who strive for human right?
Please tell me, who is the terrorist?
The one who committed unspeakable crimes against humanity
Or the one who disagreed it with honesty?
The one who declares succession
Or the one who demand for transition?
In its broadest sense terrorism is the act of violence used against people to reach political or religious or ideological aim. It is classified as a violent crime. Hence, a terrorist is the one who uses whatsoever power he/she gained for terrifying the people and forces them to share its view.
Our world has seen many terrorist organizations that work for the benefit of a few gang groups. Unlike other part of the world, Ethiopia has never experienced a significant violation of such an act until the TPLF/Woyane takes the ruling power.
It was since then that this gang groups (TPLF/WOYANE) introduces the act of terrorism in Ethiopia. Many evidences point out that countless acts were organized and taken place by the current terrorist regime in order to gain a public trust and to kill and torcher opposition leader, political activists, journalists and dissidents falsely charged or convicted as “terrorists.” The TPLF/Woyane has been doing an authorized massacre since it came to power in Ethiopia, especially in Oromia Region.
TPLF/Woyane has its own minions and messengers to carry out its evil act against the people. These minions are those who are organized and established as a political party by the TPLF itself and have no own political stand, agenda or view rather than transmitting, as a pipe, whatsoever TPLF/Woyane orders them to do. One of such a party is OPDO, which was established by the TPLF/Woyane only just a few months prior to the taking over of the Derg regime. OPDO does not even have history of its own as a political party. It was only organized to serve the TPLF will and human right abuse against its own people and their role is simply to rubber stamp TPLF’s agenda. The members of OPDO are just like an Uncle Toms for the Oromo People.
TPLF/Woyane has doing its best to criminalize speech, outlaw critical publications, intimidate hearts, crush spirits, terrorize minds and shred constitutional and internationally-guaranteed human rights in Oromia through these fake party, OPDO. The climate of terror that invades every aspect of urban and rural society is secure and upheld by a structure of repression that is steeply integrated from the top to the low level making impossible dissent or peaceful opposition political activity. Thus the structure of state terrorism in Ethiopia is so horrific- the systematic use of killing innocent people and threat of use of violence and coercion, intimidation, imprisonment and persecution to create a prevailing climate of fear in a population with a specific political message and outcome.
It is due to these facts that the opposition against the regime in a current Ethiopia have symbolized as the worst tragedy of the era, which is taking place especially in Oromia region. The TPLF/Woyane loyal soldiers killed hundreds of peaceful protestors on a single day from the region. They shoot many and wounded them to death. These awful events have carried out by the TPLF most trusted soldiers called Agazi and the fake Oromia Police members.
What hurts most is to see the act of the Oromia police members they carried against their own people. Their deed shows how the TPLF/Woyane is a devilry possessed blood lust terrorist with the aim of turning one people against each other. TPLF/Woyane has been shooting the Oromo people using its trusted Agazi squad who are trained to kill civilians without hesitation and the fake Oromia Police force who are not educated and traitors of their own ethnics. TPLF/Woyane uses the so called Oromia police force deliberately to overcome the question of mass killing and genocide. However, rumors are showing that these killers are also compromised of the Agazi Squads wearing the Oromia Police force’s uniform for its cover.
In resent mass protest which take place all over the Oromia region on August 06, 2016 against the TPLF/Woyane tyranny, dozens of protestors has killed and hundreds were wounded by these collusion forces in almost all parts of Oromia. In the town I reside, Nekemte, most of the shoots were targeted at the chest and the head of the protestors. These shows TPLF/Woyane ordered its trusted forces to kill the innocent people, not to settle them. I can witness what I saw in the Nekemte Referral Hospital at the time. It was a heartbreaking incident. Dozens have killed and several children and mostly women were wounded and injured by the TPLF/Woyane forces. I was told the one Police I saw dead was killed by its own members for resisting to kill his own brothers and sisters. They turned the town in to a war zone. Shooting were everywhere. They even shoot at the Hotel rooms and resident. How could one enjoy killing an innocent people unless he is possessed by a demonic spirit? How can one kill a child running for his freedom with a mere hand unless he is inhuman and immoral? It was painful and tragic act which hurts not only the mind but also the soul. I believe the same is true all over the Oromia region. Let God have mercy upon us and deliver us from this monster!!
So who is a terrorist? Those who invent terrorists and fabricate terrorism or those who demanding for human right? Those who cheats people vote or those who asking for it? Those who uses violence and coercion or those who speaking truth to power? Those who use imprisonment and persecution or those who defending the rule of law? THE OROMO PEOPLE or TPLF/WOYANE?????
Despite its immoral and evil doing, the TPLF/Woyane has been declaring, using few gang group owned media (EBC), those protestors were members of a terrorist affiliation which resides in sovereign country. Also the TPLF media announce that people at large in the country are condemned the demonstration. The question is who are those people condemning the protest if the people itself were at the demo? In my opinion, TPLF and its monopolist media, EBC, might have their own imaginary people other the people of Oromia.
However, it is an indisputable fact that the TPLF/Woyane itself is a licensed terrorist organization officially listed in the Global Terrorism Database. It is in their conspiracies that categorize TPLF/Woyane as a terrorist group. The Tigrayan People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) is a political party in Tigray, Ethiopia that has been listed as a perpetrator in the Global Terrorism Database. http://www.trackingterrorism.org/…/tigray-peoples-liberatio…
I think the wait should be over!! It is becoming not only about the right, freedom or good governance… it is about the survival. I consider our life is at risk!!! We don’t know what will happen on a street of Oromia every single minute. Let’s fight for our survival and for the one we lost.


*This story is from  Djemaol H Mani


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The aim of Advocacy for Oromia-A4O is to advocate for the people’s causes to bring about beneficial outcomes in which the people able to resolve to their issues and concerns to control over their lives. Advocacy for Oromia may provide information and advice in order to assist people to take action to resolve their own concerns. It is engaged in promoting and advancing causes of disadvantaged people to ensure that their voice is heard and responded to. The organisation also committed to assist the integration of people with refugee background in the Australian society through the provision of culturally-sensitive services.

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