OSG Report 51: Human Rights Abuses in Ethiopia: return to 1992

The killings and detention of OLF supporters since December 2018 is similar to 1992-3 when thousands were killed and scores of thousands detained and tortured.

The current silence about killings and other abuses is eerily reminiscent of that time, when foreign powers propped up the regime of Meles Zenawi and ignored widespread atrocities.

This report is a summary of information received by OSG since June 2019.

OSG’s reporter in Norway has forwarded social media and other reports, including a report from Gadado, an organisation of human rights defenders in Ethiopia, prominent in sending information in the 1990s.

This report includes information about 64 extra-judicial killings and the arbitrary detention of over 1400 Oromo.

Most were suspected supporters of the Oromo Liberation Front, which officially returned to Ethiopia in September 2018 and is now a legal political party, registered for the 2020 election. Another 150 were reported killed in Sidama zone, SNNPR.

Once again, an Ethiopian leader is awarded international recognition while troops under his control are committing atrocities which contravene human rights law and would be classed as war crimes in a state of conflict.

Attached is the latest report – it makes very sad reading.

OSG Report 51- Human Rights Abuses in Ethiopia



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