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Oromo Opposition leader at risk of torture

(A4O, Press Release 2 March 2020) Ethiopian authorities detained the leader of the Oromo Liberation Front, Abdi Regassa, on 29 February 2020. He was held incommunicado for 72 hours and remains imprisoned without charges.

Advocacy for Oromia affirms Mr Abdi Regassa is a prisoner of conscience who was imprisoned solely for remains committed to the Oromo cause.

Mr Abdi Regassa has been held in detention for reasons that remain unknown. He has not been informed of the charges against him.

Advocacy for Oromia requests the government to unconditional release and access to legal counsel and family while in custody.

Call of Action: Show your SOLIDARITY AND SUPPORT for him in every way you can: going to the police station, changing your social media profile, campaigning for justice, and doing everything that is orderly and peaceful.

When: From today, 2 March 2020

Where: Detention without access to the outside world 

For full press release: Press Release 2 March 2020

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