TPLF-led Regime is not a Developmental State

By Barii Ayano

TPLF thugs and their cohorts like PM Hailemariam, Abbaa Duulaa, Dhaabaa, etc. use the phrase “limatawi mengist” (developmental state) to describe the TPLF/EPRDF regime. Some of us also mistakenly taken up the ‘developmental state’ rhetoric at face value.

However, based standard definitions and features, the TPLF-led regime cannot pass for a development state. A friend asked me to explain in details after chatting with him on the phone.

The attached document elaborates why the ‘development state’ rhetoric of the regime is similar to its ‘democracy’ rhetoric- TPLF-led regime is neither democratic nor a developmental state.

TPLF-led Regime a Contra to a Developmental State



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