Oromummaa is the broad concept of Oromo common bonds and common outlooks. Oromummaa is one of the essential pieces that forms a common bond between the Oromo people besides their common history, culture and language.

Oromummaa is an Oromo cultural identity and oppressed nationalism looking at its impact on Oromo liberation and community organizations, the Oromo national movement, and political and societal unity. Oromumma is the manifestation of the Oromo Culture its traditional dresses, its poetry and oral traditions.

Dr Asafa Jalata explores the concept of Oromummaa in a broad and detailed ways in his book, Oromummaa. The book also identifies and explores the nature of Oromo political behavior and how Oromummaa affects Oromo politics, and why some Oromo elites in the diaspora engage in destructive behavior. Although the book demonstrates the unevenness of the development of Oromo nationalism as the result of several structural problems, the Oromo movement is currently in the process of confronting its obstacles and marching towards inevitable victory.


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