Three died due to violence in Oromia educational institutions: Police

Three died due to violence in Oromia educational institutions: Police

Addis Ababa, December 3, 2015 (FBC) –Three individuals have died due to the violence that had occurred recently in some educational institutions in Oromia regional state, according to the regional state’s police commission.

Commissioner Ibrahim Haji, in a press conference he gave here today, said that the regional state is now stable and peaceful.

Broad activities are underway to defuse the violence, he said.

The problem was created in few of the 12,000 schools found in the regional state, he added.

Anti peace forces are behind the violence that occurred under the pretext of stopping the draft plan for integrated development of Addis Ababa and Oromia Special Zone, he said.

The information being circulated by mass media and on social media in particular about the accident is fictitious, he stated.

One student sustained serious injuries in Haromaya University after falling from a building, he said.

Moreover, one individual in Tole woreda in south-west Shoa zone and a student in Guliso woreda, west Wellega zone, have died because of the violence, he said.

A total of three individual have so far been confirmed dead, he said.

Police is investigating the cause of the accident, according to the Commissioner.

The violence also inflicted damages to property, he said. The anti-peace elements burnt private and government vehicles, destroyed windows as well as attempted to block road, he said.

The Commissioner further said the violence had occurred only in some woredas of south-west Shoa and west Wellega zones, not in many parts of the regional states as exaggerated on social media, he said.

All universities and schools, except in those existed in the areas where the violence had occurred, are conducting peaceful teaching and learning process, he noted.

Police, in partnership with the society, is working to maintain peace and security in the areas affected by the violence, he said.

Efforts are also underway to bring to justice those who are responsible for the violence, he added.

He also urged individuals to refrain from similar anti-peace activities.

Police didn’t arrest students who participated in the mass violence but detained those who were behind the violence.

The government has carried out discussion on the master plan with the residents at various times and the violence created making the issue as an agenda shows how they are against the interest of the public, he said

He finally said the regional state is currently stable and peaceful. So far the violence is not beyond government’s control.



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