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#OromoProtests -10 confirmed dead

(A4O, 09 MUdde 2015) #OromoProtests list* those confirmed killed by Ethiopian police and paramilitary forces during the current protest.










*Compiled by Abiy Atomssa, 9 December 2015


Message from Oromo Community of Western Australia

Dear Oromo brothers and Sisters,
Dhábasá W. Gemelal's photo.As we all know, Oromo students at home are standing against the Agazi TPLF gangs, who have no competitor for their brutality and ruthless act.
The Oromo Community in WA is organising a public rally in Perth in protesting against such atrocities.

This is the time that we all need to stand hand in hand and show our solidarity and respect to our kids, who are paying a huge price for our identity, (i.e “OROMUMMA”) & “FREEDOM” of our country Oromia.

If our kids sacrifices their precious life for who we are, WHY CAN’T we leave everything aside for one day and say to them clear and loud we are beside you, our hearts and mind are with you, and continue struggle you have started for justice and freedom.

I urge you to wear the Oromo cultural clothes and to bring our flags along with you.

Please come on time too.

Rally date: Friday Dec 11, 2015
Time: 3:00 PM-5:00 PM
Place: Harvest Terrace, West Perth
Victory to the oromo people
Thank you

Message from Oromo Community of Sydney (New South Wales)

Dear Oromo brothers and Sisters,
Dhábasá W. Gemelal's photo.I want you to know that our people killed in Oromia for voicing their concern on the expansion of the ” master plan” around Finfinne.
Today the Oromo people calling from every corner of the world to stop killing our students and our people which fights for freedom and justice.

Hence, we, the Oromo community in Sydney would like to show our solidarity on coming Friday, 11/12/2015.

The meeting place will be at Merryland station, then we will go to city Martin Place as one people and one nation.

Date: Friday Dec 11, 2015
Time: 10:00 PM-1:30 PM
Place: Martin Place, Sydney

Together we can win all the time!

Thank you all.


For further information contact: Jemal Ayoube




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