2019 Oromo Events

OromoInterfaithForum-This faith-based activity is designed for examining the ways in which Oromo faiths leaders currently respond to family violence in their setting. We have discussed and agreed to conduct two Forums in the community during the year.

The first activity will be organising an interactive Oromo Interfaith Forum on 1st of June where three different Oromo religious leaders: Christian, Waaqeffannaa and Muslim will deliver speech about the importance of having a respectful relationship between wife and husband which can promote family safety and cohesiveness in their life.

The activities in this event will help to strengthen respectful relationships between women and men, to raise awareness and understanding about respectful relationship and to challenge gender stereotypes and roles.

Oromo community in Melbourne and our agency delivers flyers and banner that provide appropriate information and orientation about DFV and DFV prevention strategies.

Venue: 9 Memorial Dr, Noble Park, Vic 3174
Date: June 1, 2019
Time: 9:00AM – 12:30PM

IrreechaaArfaasaa 2019-Irreechaa Arfaasaa is a day of thanksgiving at the end of dry seasons and beginning of rainy season every year at the top of hills or mountains to acquire and celebrate good spirit. For this event, the Oromos usually go to the mountain during the time of their worshiping rituals, or during Irreessaa celebration.
Purpose and Meaning
Irreecha Arfaasaa is another annual Oromo Thanksgiving Day that repeats once in May to mark the end of the dry season and beginning of the rainy and planting season. It marks the end of the dry season (October to April) and the beginning of the rainy season for planting (May to September). It is a unique Oromo cultural, historical and natural beautification (planting) in their full glory at the height of the season.

On this day, people come to gather on mountain tops to give thanks to the almighty Waaqaa (God) for all the blessings throughout the past dry season and ask for Araaraa (Reconciliation), Nagaa (Peace), Walooma (Harmony) and Finnaa (Holistic Development) for the present and the future. There is also a ceremony of thanking all forebears for their endurance and determination to survive their culture and history – paving the way for further social victory. Irreecha Arfaasaa has been observed by the Oromo people for more than 6400 years.

We warmly invite you to join us at the 2016 Irreecha Arfaasaa festival at Mount Dandenong. It is an Oromo Good Spirit tradition of respect for nature and gratefulness for life.

The ceremony honors elders’ blessings and wisdom, preserves the heritage and assesses the progress of humanity.

Venue: Kokoda Track Memorial Walk (1000 Steps), Tree Fern Gully Track, Tremont VIC 3785, Australia
Date: May 19, 2019
Time: 11:30AM – 3:00PM

#GuyyaaGoototaOromoo-April 15: Oromo Martyrs Day

April 15th is Oromo Martyrs Day also known as Guyyaa Gootota Oromo. This commemorative day was first started by Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) following the death of its prominent leader’s on diplomatic mission enrouted to Somalia on April 15, 1980.

Since then this day was observed as Oromo Martyrs Day by Oromo nationals around the world to honor those who have sacrificed their lives to free Oromia and to renew a commitment to the cause for which they have died.

To welcome the Oromo Martyrs Day, Oromias will be hosting different memorial ceremony at their places. This is a perfect opportunity to network with friends and colleagues and support the work of the Oromo Liberation Front in promoting Oromo freedom struggle.

Please join us to salute all martyrs of our people for national freedom struggle as well as our ongoing struggle for full liberation, equality and justice who fell while trying to fight a tyrant by his own weapons.

Venue: 247 Flinders Ln, Melbourne, Vic 300
Date: 14 April 2019
Time: 3:30PM – 7:030PM


#GuyyaaWBO- Guyyaa WBO is observed on 1 January every year in Oromia, in recognition of the valiant Oromo Freedom Fighters. This commemorative day was first started by Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) following the heavy resistance and sacrifices of Oromo Liberation Army in the beginning of January 1980.

Oromo Liberation Army Day marks a day to salute the valiant Oromo Freedom Fighters who sacrificed their lives to liberate and protect Oromia and its citizens.

Please join us to salute all valiant Oromo Freedom Fighters who sacrificed their lives for national freedom struggle as well as our ongoing struggle for full liberation, equality and justice who fell while trying to fight a tyrant by his own weapons.


#Oromia@FedSquare-It aims to bring Oromo people together, irrespective of age, gender and belief, to help promote self-empowerment and raise awareness in the wider community about the lifestyle, culture and ethics of members of the Australian Oromo community.

This year’s Oromo festival at Fed Square experiences Oromo culture through a huge program of music, arts and entertainment. Enjoy live music featuring local Oromo musicians and a variety of dance performances. Admire costumes in the colourful fashion show and see a traditional Oromo coffee ceremony.

Join us the celebrations with the Oromo community at our annual festival at Fed Square 2019.


#GuyyaaFDG-The Oromo Civil resistance is a peaceful way for ordinary Oromo people to fight for their rights, freedom and justice without using violence.

The Oromo people engaged in civil resistance use diverse tactics, such as strikes, boycotts, mass demonstrations and other actions, to cause wide-ranging social, political and economic change.

Around the world, the Oromo civil resistance has been called by different names—FDG- Fincila Diddaa Garbummaa, Diddaa Ummataa, Diddaa, Falmii Karaa Nagaa, which means nonviolent struggle, non-violent struggle against subjugation, people power, political defiance, and civic mobilization—but regardless of which term is used, the fundamental dynamics of civil resistance remain essentially the same.

November 09, is the annual Oromo Civil resistance Day in which the Oromians commemorate the peaceful struggle of Oromo nation and the popular nation-wide uprising in Oromia against subjugation.

Join us to member our youth who sacrifice their life for our national freedom struggle as well as our ongoing struggle for full liberation, equality and justice who fell while trying to fight a tyrant by his own weapons.