Gone are the days of One Flag! One Religion! One language!

By Girma Tessema Tola

I occasionally tune to ESAT, a diaspora media outlet catering to the Ethiopian diaspora and Ethiopia people for news but never took time to listen to their poltical analysis or views. ESAT propagates news, and pro Ethiopian Unity poltical views.

ESAT political views and analysis in terms of the Oromo people in general, the Oromo diaspora and the Oromo Youth aka Qeerroo in Ethiopian poltical context is biased and ignores current realities of the Oromo people struggle in Ethiopia.

While ESAT is entitled to express their political views and support pro Ethiopian unity political movements, labeling the Oromo political movements and agenda as a secessionist epitomizes ignorance and out of touch about the realities of the Ethiopian political, social, economical and cultural landscape over the past 25 years.

For better or worse Ethiopia has changed significantly. Moreover the Oromo Peoples political, social, and cultural dynamics have exponentially changed. Before EPRDF, there was no Oromia, no afaan Oromo, and no qubee. No schooling in Oromia language and no Oromo language departments in any of the Ethiopian higher educations institutions.

Before Wayyaanee, the Oromo language was never broadcasted via Television. The anecdotal evidence pointed out that afaan Oromo could break Television, if broadcasted. Call it lowest level of ignorance and absurd reasoning.

Before TPLF, there was no qubee generation. An Oromo generation that was born and raised during EPRDF era. A generation that is more familiar with Oromia, Oromo and qubee than Ethiopia, Abasha and Haa, Huu, Hiii…..the saba letters. An Oromo generation, that’s more conscious, that holds Oromia dear to hearts and minds. It’s a generation that sees Ethiopia with different lenses than the Oromo people of pre EPRDF era.

It’s a generation that had been taught the historical oppressive regimes of successive Abyssinia rulers on the Oromo people . A generation that read historical injustices and recognized the Ethiopia the fore Oromo generation sacrificed under imposed unity is not the Ethiopia its generation want to be part of.

The current Oromo generation, particularly the Oromo Qeerroo is united, fearless and determined. The Scare tactics deployed by ESAT, painting the Oromo people struggle as secessionist, anti unity and chasing non Oromo ethnics from Oromia Doesn’t Work this time. It won’t work.

The Oromo people are not in the business of session or hatred against non Oromo ethnics in Ethiopia. They struggle for freedom, justice and equality. The Oromo people struggle is against dictators and blood thirsty rulers that kill, torture and imprison the Oromo people. It’s not against non Oromo ethnics in Ethiopia.

The divisive and outdated strategy of portraying the Oromo people as anti Ethiopian Unity is counterproductive. It in fact, it fuels the Oromo people struggle for a different outcome. You don’t create Ethiopian unity by demonizing, antagonizing and labelling the Oromo people struggle for justice, freedom and equality as a anti Ethiopian Unity and secessionist. It’s counter productive.

A message for ESAT is that come to terms with the current Ethiopian political realities. Learn more about the historical context of the Oromo people in Ethiopian empire. Accept the fact that it’s impossible to brainwash the Oromo people with old historical facts that are irrelevant and rejected by the Oromo people about Ethiopia.

Generation has moved forward; engage diverse political views and educate the Ethiopian people on creating modern Ethiopia, a country where all ethnic groups in Ethiopia can live peaceably in freedom, justice and equality. Often times, the Ethiopian political problem lies in lack of tolerance for heterogeneous views about the Ethiopian political fate. Gone are the days of One Flag! One Religion! One language! What do you do with remaining 70 plus languages?

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