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20 ORTO journalists banned from work 

As Addis Admass newspaper writes quoting sources, twenty ORTO (Oromia Radio and Television Organization) journalists are banned from work for the alleged “Narrow minded political attitude” in connection with the assessment session it had on the issue of the Addis Ababa integrated master plan.

It is remembered that a discussion was held in April, 2014 at the Adama city on the topic of the Addis Ababa integrated master plan where the region’s politicians, journalists and higher officials participated. The discussion and assessment sessions were also conducted following the region wide violence in protest to the integrated master plan.

As sources told the newspaper, lots of journalists were expressing their idea and concern on the integrated master plan at the April’s discussion session and during the two-months long training given to the journalists.

Addis Admass writes that twenty ORTO journalists are prohibited from entering into their office on Wednesday and the journalists told the newspaper that expressing their idea on the training sessions must have been the reason behind their ban from work.

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