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Ethiopia: Ambo under Siege, Daily Activities Paralyzed

The brutal attempts of crackdown against Oromo protesters by the Agazi Special Squad
continuing unabated in different parts of the regional state of Oromia, reports coming from
Ambo in central Oromia indicate that the town and its surrounding has come under virtual
seizure by the Agazi Federal Armed Force, daily movements and activities becoming almost
According to information obtained by HRLHA (this morning) form its correspondents, the Agazi
Special Squad has been deployed in Ambo Town and its surrounding in much larger number
than before and engaged in indiscriminately kidnapping the local people from along the streets
and throwing them into detention centres in the area. There are also reports of widespread rapes
being committed against female detainees.
Although the protests against the plan to annex some central small towns of Oromia into the
Capital Addis Ababa/Finfinne have been involving Oromos from all walks of life, age and
gender, the prime targets have been the youth, university, college, and high school students in
particular. Since the protest started in different parts of the regional state of Oromia two weeks
ago, more than 50,000 (fifty thousand) Oromos have been arrested and detained from Ambo,
Gudar, Tikur Inchini, Ginda-Barat, Gedo, and Bakko-Tibe towns in West Showa Zone of Central
Oromia alone, Apart from along the streets in cities and towns, especially students are being
picked up even from dormitories and classrooms on universities and college campuses. Reports
add that there have been around twenty(40) extra-judicial killings so far that have resulted from
brutal actions against unarmed and peaceful protesters by armed forces.


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