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Press Release from International Oromo Youth Association

April 14, 2014                                    

The first International Oromo Youth Leadership Conference was organized in 2006. It resulted in the creation of the International Oromo Youth Association. Every summer since 2006, OYLC has brought together youth across the diaspora to discuss issues pertaining to Oromo communities and build leadership skills. The eighth annual conference was held on June 29th, 2013 at Augsburg College.

The theme for last year’s conference was Re-Visiting the Past; Re-Imagining the Future.The gathering created space for dialogue about the organization’s main objective, its past accomplishments, and future goals. The conference resulted in the creation of a task force, whose main goal is to ensure the sustainability of the organization. After multiple deliberations, a consensus was reached to re-orient IOYA’s objective by focusing on Leadership and Networking. The decision to re-focus on such a platform will result in the organization’s ability to more effectively empower Oromo youth both at home and in the diaspora. A six-member board has been selected to lead the way. The Executive members are President Amane Badhasso, Vice President Sinqee Wesho, Public Relations Chair Lokho Jarso, Co-Public Relations Chair Barite Bedasso, Secretary Muna Osman, and Treasurer Kadiro Nurie.

We are also pleased to announce the launch of our organization’s new website on April 18th, 2014. The site will contain a video of the new executive board and information on the history of Oromia, along with other materials. All who are interested in becoming members and sponsors of IOYA may also send their information through the website. On the launch date, the URL for the new website will be posted on Facebook and Twitter at 5:00pm central time. You may contact IOYA with questions and concerns at To stay informed on future updates, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

The following individuals will serve on the Advisory committee for IOYA: Birhanemeskel Segni, Ayantu Tibeso, Obsa Hassan and Kulani Jalata.

We are looking forward to a successful year.


IOYA Board, 2014-2015


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